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Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violated Rights, Judge Rules


Just when you thought there are no judges left in this nation who believe in the Constitution…bada boom, comes NY  judge Shira A. Scheindlin and bitch slaps  the NYPD and…oh boy oh boy…Bloomberg!

The part that I enjoyed the most about her ruling was the directive to the NYPD to fit the cops with BODY CAMERAS to record their interactions with the public. Now, THAT’S A RULING.

Let them get a taste of their own ‘we-tape-every-move-you-take’ medicine. See how they like it to have a camera always pointing at you in every corner of this city.

Ladies and gentlemen, now there is NO NEED to expose yourselves to arrest for taping the abusive interactions between a cop and a civilian. The cops will have to tape it themselves. Their abusive actions will be reflected, as in a mirror, on the person they stop and recorded.

As I always say, where there is a law, there is always a loophole for  government agencies who want to continue abusing their citizens to comfortably sliding  out of the hook. YOu see, the NYPD and Bloomberg see no ‘crime’ or abuse in their behavior. It’s like an addict who can’t get over the addiction until he or she admits to it.

Same here. This ruling is considered by the city as a ‘barrier’ to their job. They will look for loopholes to continue the violations.

But at least, for one day, we the poor and colorful people got to see justice.

Justice, it’s so badly trampled now a-days that we get surprised when we see it.

Is that you, Justice?