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Today’s funny cartoon.


This was the “discussion about RACISM” without EVER using the word RACISM. It was NOT a discussion, it was an ANNOUNCEMENT.

He used the verdict to make his ANNOUNCEMENT:

1) no “EXPECTATIONS”  for African-Americans (AA) to see the Department of Justice (DoJ) provide the justice that Obama says “has been denied” to them.

2) the WARNING: “if I see violence”

3) WHITE folks, don’t worry. I got your back.

Let’s see how he manipulates words to send his announcement.


“The juries were properly instructed…”.

Were they? The judge refused to allow race and ‘profiling’ to be considered. That was a key element in Z’s state of mind when he committed the crime. So, Mr. President, you denied RACE as a factor. That makes you a…, OK, no name calling.

…the African- American community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history that — that doesn’t go away.

That phrase “that doesn’t go away” is EUPHEMISM for RACISM: racism that DOESN’T GO AWAY”.

Now, I find it very disappointing that a man, a president who engages on what has been dubbed ‘KILLING TUESDAYS (you know, Tuesdays is the day he reviews his KILLING LIST of ‘terrorists’ targeted for unannounced drone attacks) doesn’t have the COURAGE (or galls) to call it what HE knows it is: RACISM.

The African-American community is also knowledgeable that there is a history of racial disparities in the application of our criminal laws, everything from the death penalty to enforcement of our drug laws. And that ends up having an impact in terms of how people interpret the case.


“Knowledgeable”?! Boy, talking of dancing around the issue. AA are not “knowledgeable”;  they SUFFER the IMPACT of a RACIST JUSTICE SYSTEM.

…that they are disproportionately both victims and perpetrators of violence. It’s not to make excuses for that fact, although black folks do interpret the reasons for that in a historical context.

You see, the public believes that politicians (that’s what Mr. Obama is) don’t choose their words for shaping opinions.  They do. For example, that “although” placed there is intended to mean that AA actually DO MAKE EXCUSES. It’s a subtle way of saying that Obama thinks that AA do NOT take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions and “make excuses” by  blaming racism. That’s what that sentence means, a fancy way of saying that AA cry racism when they shouldn’t.

The brother doesn’t come across supportive. Somehow, the mainstream media is ecstatic about this DOUBLE SPEAK. That’s because they understand the hidden message: AA, there’s no racism in the USA anymore.


I’m not arguing whether it is true that AA engage in “excuses”. My point here is: that the president doesn’t have the galls to say what he thinks openly, he dances around the issue because he is AFRAID of hurting….the white folks.

He was talking to WHITE AMERICA, not really to AA. He spoke about the AA in the third person. See this:

So — so folks understand the challenges that exist for African- American boys, but they get frustrated, I think, if they feel that there’s no context for it or — and that context is being denied.

That is CLEARLY a conversation NOT WITH AA. That is an EXPLANATION to somebody else about why “they” get frustrated. It’s not “YOU feel…”, it’s THEY feel.


Now, the question for me at least, and I think, for a lot of folks is, where do we take this?

Who are those “a lot of folks”? AA? Why can’t he say so. “for me and the AA community”?

…demonstrations and vigils and protests, and some of that stuff is just going to have to work its way through as long as it remains nonviolent. If I see any violence, then I will remind folks that that dishonors what happened to Trayvon Martin and his family.

Did you see that paternalistic tone: “if I see any violence…”. That’s a THREAT. You better behave, AA, or papa Obama will have to spank you. Or put you on his Killing Tuesday list. Because he has no intentions of letting the DOJ give you the JUSTICE that he himself said has been denied to you “historically”. And THAT is the reason he came here by surprise, to tell you this:


I think it’s important for people to have some clear expectations here. Traditionally, these are issues of state and local government — the criminal code. And law enforcement has traditionally done it at the state and local levels, not at the federal levels. That doesn’t mean, though, that as a nation, we can’t do some things that I think would be productive.

If you want to delude yourself and have “unclear expectations” about…well, he didn’t say, did he? No need to say for those who can read between the lines.

This is what he meant:  “Let’s have CLEAR expectations”. Racism is a matter of state government, NOT FEDERAL stuff. Instead, “as a NATION” we deal with it. That’s more EUPHEMISM for ‘don’t look at me, I have nothing to do with this. Go to your states’.

So let me just give a couple of specifics that I’m still bouncing around with my staff so we’re not rolling out some five-point plan, but some areas where I think all of us could potentially focus.

This is how Mr. O sees his work AGAINST RACISM, as “bouncing” ideas. That sounds so…matter of fact. Meanwhile, the nation is about to burst into civil antagonism based on race. Yes, I’m exaggerating a bit.

The point is that the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT refuses to use the word RACISM, refuses to address racism DIRECTLY, and shows his LACK OF INTEREST on the issue precisely with the words he selects to inform you about what he is NOT going to do.

The ‘solutions’ he BOUNCES around are MEANINGLESS to address RACISM when there is no desire to engage in serious discussion on the issue. Mr. O’ surprise visit here was to talk to WHITE folks and make some THREATS to Black folks.

This nation lost the UNIQUE opportunity to deal with racism because the first Black president ended up been a colossal opportunist, self-denying Black man.

This is his last term. The king will be gone, long live the king.

In Wake of Zimmerman Verdict, Obama Makes Extensive Statement on Race in America

Honestly, what I heard was “Sorry folks, there will be no DOJ charges. And I will not tolerate violent protests, even if the “context” is the lack of justice for AA folks, or if you get provoked into violence”.

Of course, he waits until his way out of the presidency to come with this half arse “solutions”.

Did he VALIDATE the AA angs? Yes.

Did he named the R word? No.  He left it to “perceptions” within a CONTEXT. “Perceptions” are not necessarily the ‘reality’.  He didn’t make a STATEMENT on racism. He just made AN ANNOUNCEMENT.

I give him a D for effort in this hidden message of ‘get used to it, no DOJ case’. I hope I’m wrong.

I never saw anyone so PAINED and STAMMERING to explain that ‘he’ is BLACK.

Did you hear the word ‘Black’? How many times did he say AA? I don’t recall.

How can he live with himself? He can’t even get himself to say “I am an AA”.

In ‘his’ book he stated that he DOESN’T RELATE to the AA experience in the USA because he was not here at the time of the Civil Rights movement, I’m paraphrasing but his statement is basically that one literally.

That statement explains why he has always treated the AA with, yes, with contempt.

My feelings.