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Big Pharma Company Mocked Patients Who Got “Jawbone Death” from Drug: “Ma Toot Hurts So Bad” | Alternet

Take  a look at this article:

Big Pharma Company Mocked Patients Who Got “Jawbone Death” from Drug: “Ma Toot Hurts So Bad” | Alternet.



Here we are again in a painfully too familiar situation. You can blame the NRA or the mentally ill  for this latest installment of collective pain.

But, what we are witnessing is a society falling apart at the seams since the very beginning of this millennium. It’s not the fault of the mentally ill, on the contrary, our personal, and ultimately collective mental illness, is the outcome of a society rapidly decomposing since the last 12 years.

This horror we just witnessed didn’t happen in a social vacuum nor are our reactions to this horror, impulsive and emotional as they may be, unrelated to this social decomposing we are experiencing.

The first automatic explanation for these killings  is ‘this is the act of a deranged, mentally disturbed maniac. We need to lock them all up and throw the key away.’ There’s your mental health policy.

That’s a problem because that’s a knee-jerk reaction. It blames not the problem but the consequence created by the problem. The problem is our decomposing society and the consequence is the collective and personal mental illness which outcome is self-inflicted pain and suffering, collective and personal pain and suffering.


It’s not difficult to see how our social political decisions are to be blamed for this horror. These social policies we enact (economical, health, prison and legal systems) have an impact not only on our health, but on the safety of our children.

Take for example the fact floated around for a while now, that the USA is in the #37 spot of nations’ quality of health  (according to the UN). This could contribute an angle to explain  why 20 children were massacred in the USA by a citizen, not by a an Islamist terrorist. Our nation’s low position compared to other nations’ health system happens because of our own health policies decisions. We think we are ahead when in reality we are falling way behind the Western nations. It’s not welfare nor Social Security nor Medicaid nor the ‘free loaders’ the ones to be blamed.

We vote for politicians that feed from the NRA and the Pharma and the big Health Insurance industry and Wall Street…those with the capital letters are the ones that make the laws that the lawmakers sign blindly and  that will control how inaccessible and useless the health services available will be. Oh, and how stereotyping those services will be: ‘you receive mental health services? Then you are a potential mass murderer. We must take your civil and personal rights away.’

Social Security and ‘the free loader’ and the mentally ill are not the cause of our pains.


Look for the connections between this latest horror and our policies in the status of our ‘social contract’.

Do you think that the recent HSBC bank corruption case, where not one from that bank set a foot in a court to face the charges of laundering billions of dollars for the drug cartels, has no impact on our mental health and our social fabric?

I think it does; it may be too subtle for you to notice in your daily hustle and bustle,  but it’s impact is there.

When the laws are unfair and the few can evade them with impunity and with the help of our ‘leaders’, they act as an acid that eats into our trust of our government. Remember, the government is supposed to represent us. If it is corrupt, it means that we as a people are corrupted. We act accordingly.


We have been living in a state of war since the beginning of this millennium. Do you think that has no impact on our personal and collective mental health? Give it a thought.

These connections have been weaved together for the last 20 years, at a minimum, and for the last 12 for sure. There is now a fiscal cliff  for you to jump off. Funny the metaphor used by our leaders: a cliff.

Our leaders in Congress and the White House are about to push you off a cliff and you still can not make the connection between the Connecticut shooting and the fiscal cliff. You will go down the cliff blaming the mentally ill for the push.

Already people are complaining about the new health regulations making access to treatment more difficult. You can’t be with the devil and expect goodness to come out from  him. The devil is our nation’s financial system. They control just about  everything. What caused the Connecticut shooting?


Maybe this kid who committed this crime  had no connections with the system.  Maybe it was simply that he was truly ‘crazy’. But, unless he was kept in a closet without contacts with humanity, he was a product of our society.

You must have had some experience with the system when it comes to mental health, at least  80% of Americans have, according to statistics.

Don’t tell me you think the system is reliable.  I won’t believe you believe so.

I feel sorry for those kids and their parents. One must be an insensitive jerk to not feel the pain. But, after the grieving, we must look at where we have arrived. And start making drastic changes to our political system.

Take the nation back from  the hands of the big financial hands.

Peace and mental health to all.

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