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The ‘GOP’s big schism’ deception Part 2: ‘it’s the Fed, stupid’.

Yesterday I was divagating about what really is at stake in this so-called GOP schism we are witnessing.

My theory is based on the shared believe between the fans in the bleacher section of the political park (liberals, progressives, non-Obama’s leftists and GOP party’s libertarian base: the mob) that the worldwide elite is trying to institute a ‘one world corporate party’ and that the Federal Reserve must go.

This is my theory:

The real division in the GOP is between the elite and the GOP’s libertarian ‘bleachers monsters’ (the TParty mob who is NOT a billionaire, it is the party’s working class and other paleoconservatives [see Wikipedia]) who want to eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank. That’s the issue, the FED. It’s NOT the debt, it’s the FED.

The billionaires may disagree on how to CONTROL the debt, but the MOB wants to eliminate the source of the debt: the Federal Reserve Bank. Last Tuesday (Oct 8) Obama stated in his press conference this elite’s fear (his own fear too) that the TParty mob would succeed in eliminating the FED:

“Well, the same thing is true if I’m buying Treasury bills from the U.S. government, and here I am sitting here — you know, what if there’s a Supreme Court case deciding that these aren’t valid, that these aren’t, you know, valid legal instruments obligating the U.S. government to pay me? I’m going to be stressed, which means I may not purchase. And if I do purchase them, I’m going to ask for a big premium.”

As I was listening to him say that, I wondered from where the hell that statement came from. It seemed so out of place, a ‘conspiracy‘ itself. It finally hit me: it is the anti-Fed movement the elite and Obama is fearing. It is getting so much strength in the party that it is becoming a threat. That comment hints that there may be a TParty mob effort to go to court to challenge the FED and the US debt.

Yesterday I said that the interests of the elite, represented by billionaires of Wall Street, worldwide banking and financial corporations and many other gigantic corporations influencing our Congress and president, are the SAME despite seeming differences in how to achieve their goal: total control of the US government’s functions by the corporations. You may say it’s a done deal this control. Yes, except that it’s covered under the mantle of ‘democracy’. In a democracy there must be more than one political party and the people must be seen as the all-important voters who make the ‘real decisions’. Most of us know or are already having a feeling, that this democracy is a myth.

On the other hand, there is a movement in the USA that believes that the Constitution was violated when the politicians gave (in 1935) the government’s power to issue money, which Constitutionally belongs ONLY to the government, to the banksters. 

The TPartiers in the bleachers suicidally agrees with the elite in EVERYTHING else that is the GOP’s agenda: eliminating the social safety net and social security, lowering taxes to corporations, etc etc etc. The difference is in that the bleacher monster, as part of its plan to eliminate the FED, wants to declare the US national ‘debt’ INVALID, non-payable because the debt is ILLEGAL.

The elite in the GOP and democratic party are ready to take the blanket from the top of our heads. A one party, controlled by them to control the functions of government is ripe for picking.

The Koch brothers hijacked the ORIGINAL TParty probably with the purpose of dividing the GOP using the most extreme of the bleachers monster, giving then a picture of a party that needs to be EUTHANIZED like a rabid dog. Divide and conquer by breaking the GOP and leaving ONE party: a ‘democratic party’ that can easily assume the positions of the defunct GOP.

The elite, Wall Street and Goldman Sachs all come across as ‘moderate’ in this DECEPTION. Of course, they don’t want their bank closed.

Goldman Sachs is in hot waters with the scandal of the Federal Reserve worker who proved that he is involved in deception and conflict of interest, lying to the people who invests with him under his guidance. The Fed ordered her to deny and delete the evidence. This elite controls EVERYTHING.

The elite doesn’t want some TPartier in T-shirt threatening it’s toy, our  government.

So, this is my theory. It’s not so far fetched.


Obama predicts shooting in 3 months

Obama made some remarks yesterday (Sept 17) in the Spanish tv station Univision which I consider APPALLING. I bring them for your consideration here because, hopefully, I misunderstood said remarks, and you can clarify them to me. Feel free to post your comment.

This is my transcript, you can hear him directly  in the video below. Highlights are by me and my comments follow below the vid.

“The fact that we don’t have a firm enough background check system is something that makes us more vulnerable to this kind of mass shooting…uhm…I do get concerned that this becomes a ritual that we go through every three or four months where we have these horrific mass shootings and yet we are not willing to take some basic actions we know can make a differenceUltimately, this is something Congress is gonna have to act on. I have now, in the wake of Newtown, initiated a whole range of executive actions, we put in place every executive action that I proposed right after Newtown happened. So I’ve taken steps that are within my control. The next phase is for Congress to go ahead and move.”

Now, my reactions to each of his ‘compassionate’ statements.

1. Obama says that the reason we go through this “mass killing every three or four months” is because background check system is not “firm enough”. That’s it. That’s all that needs to be fixed, our background check system. Even George W. Bush was more useful to the mentally ill people than this president we have now. After all, it was W who gave us the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health and the super important ADA Amendment Act of 2008.

I challenge ANYONE to tell me how has Obama gone above and beyond what W did for the mentally ill people. FYI, I’m not a republican (rather die)  nor do I support nor sympathize with W. But, to Caesar what belongs to Caesar

2. Also, Obama says that we are more “vulnerable to this kind of shooting” because of lax background checks. The implications: mentally ill people make this nation “more vulnerable”, and mentally ill people MUST be ‘firmly’ checked.

Given the path our government has taken, since Obama came to power, towards a surveillance state branding every citizen or group that it considers ‘subversive or dissenting’, these ‘background checks’ are bound to apply soon to any mentally ill person, whether or not applying for guns. NYS Office of Mental Health has started the trend already. See my post ‘NY Safe Act:…

3. The “ritual”. Now THAT was interesting. Was that scripted? Or was it ad lib’ed? Wow. Is he talking about mentally ill people having a ‘compulsion’ towards mass killing? Is he EXPECTING a mass shooting by,er, December or January 2014?

Funny thing is that, IF that’s what he meant, that mentally ill people have a RECURRENT death wish, why can’t he prevent the shootings? Evidently he expects them to happen consistently every three or four months. Does he expect that this compulsion and RITUALISTIC behavior can be stopped with “firm background checks”? HELLO. IS ANYBODY AT HOME!?

4. Who is “we” in that “and yet we are not willing to take some basic actions we know can make a difference.”? Is he blaming the public because they don’t want laws that are clearly oppressive and fascist? Or is he blaming the NRA supporters? It could help if he were more CLEAR. I think he is blaming BOTH. The “basic actions” entails depriving people who visit a psychiatrist of their civil rights, just to protect “we”.

5. And then there was the throwing of the towel. He is basically saying that he ‘tried’ to do something but, because “we are not willing to take some basic actions” he can do no more. It’s “up to Congress to move”.

That is THROWING THE TOWEL. He’s doing it because you voted against his gun law this year. He doesn’t care anymore, is what he’s saying. ‘Deal with it’ is what he’s saying.

Well, I’m going now to prepare my post for December’s mass shooting.

See you later.

Oh boy, the web the NYPD weaves to catch the “deranged”


Our leaders and good-intentioned(?)Big Sisters and Brothers are busy finding ways to protect you from each and every possible human being that harbors any type of dangerous thoughts. (Refer to ‘Minority Report’ for explanation of ‘dangerous thoughts’. The explanation given by our government is less credible.)

To that goal,

“Top intelligence officials in the New York Police Department”, [I’m not making this up] “examine ways to search the Internet to identify potential “deranged” gunmen before they strike, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said.”

………………………..I’m still laughing!…………….Ok. Ya.

“The techniques would include cyber-searches of language that mass-casualty shooters have used in e-mails and Internet postings,” Mr. Kelly said in a statement. “The goal would be to identify the shooter in cyberspace, engage him there and intervene, possibly using an undercover to get close, and take him into custody or otherwise disrupt his plans.”

I bet you anything that the NYPD got the idea from ‘Minority Report’. We should ban, not only guns, but movies that give our police and Homeland Security agents ideas on how to ‘protect’ us.

“Mr. Kelly said the technique was similar to those being used to spot terrorists’ chatter online. The new searches would target “apolitical or deranged killers before they become active shooters,” he said. [Highlights by me]

As I mentioned in my previous post, the connection between the mentally ill and ‘terrorists’ is in full swing. We were psychologically conditioned via the mainstream media (MSM) to think of all Arabs as ‘terrorists’; now we are being conditioned to extend that same fear, born of political manipulations, to anyone who ‘thinks’ or ‘feels’ ‘differently’ from the norms that the cops will script for you.

Our language and idiosyncratic way of communicating will have to be adjusted. If you haven’t read ‘1984’, now is a good time to do it.

Mind you that our cops are so efficient in catching the “deranged” once they spot him threatening the public with a pen, shooting and hitting everyone far and near him.

There is really no need to delve into how ridiculous this ‘approach’ to catch “apolitical killers” and “or deranged killers” is. Enough to say that you will not be able to make reference precisely to what excuses the person had for the ‘killings’ because, in using them, the “technique” will tag you. I’m sure you have heard about people incorrectly placed in the ‘no-fly list’ and how impossible it is to get your name out of the list. That’s just a taste of what this implies for the ‘innocent’ writers.

But what about the ‘not innocent’, meaning the mentally ill now tagged as ‘deranged apolitical terrorist’? Will that be a new DSM-10 diagnosis?

Notice how they make a differentiation between political killers and apolitical killers. We never had that before, did we?  You think it doesn’t matter? We are being judged from a political frame, our lives and emotions have been politicized by our government (state and feds). It matters.

Anyone who commits a crime is now a ‘terrorist’, a “not political” terrorist. That means that everybody is a terrorist subject to surveillance. Anyone can be a ‘deranged’ terrorist, so, all of you need to be monitored.

Look, you can tag me as ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you want. Almost everything that ‘theorists’ say, comes to be. Remember the ‘conspiracy theory’ about Agent Orange in Vietnam? It was true, after all.

I had been saying since the mid 2000 that the drones (unmanned planes) will be used here at home against the civilians. I was bashed for saying that on my comments in news papers. This year Obama informed us that he expects over 30K drones flying our skies by the year 2020 (somewhere between 2015 and 2030, I need to check that again.) They are already been used to arrest people here for ‘minor’ crimes, like traffic infractions and ‘raw milk’ sellers criminals. LOL, raw milk criminals.Ja! Peddling raw milk is a crime in the USA.

Citizens have been rendered so afraid and passive that they accept ANYTHING that the government concocts to control them.

That’s the part that hurts the most. It’s not the abuses from the government; it’s the credulity and passivity of the citizens. In Nazi Germany, it was that same fear and passivity of the citizens that tacitly sanctioned the barbarities committed by the Nazis.

The mentally ill is the excuse to round you all up. What you define as ‘deranged’ will come to bite you.

Deranged kitty at risk of being tagged a 'terrorist' by the NYPD.

Deranged kitty at risk of being tagged a ‘terrorist’ by the NYPD.



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