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NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds

Read it and cry, or mourn, or burst or do something to release the…anger? They simply ignore the rules, PERIOD. But Obama said “we don’t spy on you”, except that he didn’t finish the sentence; he meant to say ‘we don’t spy on you…when the equipment is not working’.

My fear is that we will become numb and used to it, like in that movie ‘Brazil’ (1985), one of those movies you must see before you DIE. It’s a funny take on ‘1984’ that actually makes 1984 seem more painful. Compare how ‘Winston’ dealt with Big Brother to ‘Sam’s coping mechanism, if I may use the term. Rent it or watch online at Amazon, or at viooz.co/movies (need java plug ins).

Still from Brazil, the movie.

New York woman visited by police after researching pressure cookers online

That news headline is the evidence: We ARE in a POLICE STATE.

RIP USA. RIP USA democracy.

You can make all kind of jokes about it, it will reflect only ‘nervous laughing’.

The insanity of our ‘leaders’ protecting the BIG CORPORATIONS, not you, has gone to the roof. And THEY say that WE are the insane ones who need to be sent to prison to protect this nation. Criminals always blame the victims.

I don’t know how much longer you can live without accepting the reality of the USA today. We are a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. We have a DICTATORSHIP and TYRANNY. We have nothing to envy from Pinochet.

Go on living in blissful denial. Because this situation can’t go on without YOU having to take a stand.

What is it going to be? More slavery to mindless consumerism, or standing up and sacrifice yourself like Manning and Snowman have done?

This is the moment when we all, individually, test ourselves.

What do you see looking back at you in the mirror when you ask yourself the question How far am I capable of going here?

Why the NSA didn’t spy on your email before 1981.

Memorieeees, on the corners of my miiind, misty watercolor meemooorieees of the way we weeere….

Oh Barbra.

Do you remember this?

SUPREMES GUT VOTING RIGHTS ACT- confirms Scalias’ “the Constitution is dead” statement.

“The Constitution “is not living, but dead.” With these words Associate Justice Scalia sums up how he believes we should think about the Constitution — a way…”

A “dead Constitution” equals a dead USA, or at least its people. Corporations are doing excellent, thank you right-wing SCOTUS and the ‘liberals’ who stray out of the path here and there. [I wrote this on my NSA-programmed computer.]

[“Supremes gut voting rights act” heading from Huffington Post.]


The spirit of 'Bull Connors' shows up with SCOTUS for a rare photo op. Courtesy of the NSA.

The spirit of ‘Bull Connors’ shows up with SCOTUS for a rare photo op. Courtesy of the NSA.