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Today’s funny NSA image.

Fighting terrorism: governments brand citizens as terrorists.

See this week’s news headlines:

“Thousands fill German streets to protest Berlin’s NSA spying involvement”

“EU’s response to NSA? Drones, spy satellites could fly over Europe”

“Kiwis on the march: Thousands turn out against new spy powers in New Zealand”

“Fracktivists: At least 15 arrests at anti-fracking rally outside London”

“US approves drones for civilian use”

“FBI admits to flying drones over US without warrants”

The point? Governments have stopped functioning for the people and have become the toys of the big corporations. What the people want is totally IRRELEVANT to our ‘leaders’. The representatives of corporations in governments have branded their citizens as ‘terrorists’ that need to be spied-on 24/7.

That’s why in the USA,  NY State Office of Mental Health has turned the names of all people in the mental health system to the FBI.

It’s all related, it’s not COINCIDENCE.

Stop Watching Us campaign to stop NSA spying on US citizens

I support a coalition of action against #NSA surveillance. 
Join me – ask US Congress to stop the NSA's alleged actions:
stopwatching.us * The web is meant to be open and free. Join me in asking US
Congress to stop #NSA surveillance: stopwatching.us

Go to the link below and take a stand by sending the letter to
Congress demanding it reveals the full extend of the NSA'
spying program.
Join Mozilla and other organizations.


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