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The GOP’s big schism deception: A corporate one-party government stratagem.

America is having parturient pangs. She’s about to deliver the one-party-national-oligarchy baby. That’s what Forbes magazine (the elite’s bible) sees coming soon:

the end of the two party system until such time as a rational conservative party can once again emerge in the United States” http://www.forbes.com/sites/rickungar/2013/09/26/r-i-p-g-o-p-house-debt-ceiling-proposal-could-bring-the-final-curtain-down-on-the-republican-party/

Those are profound words, “the end of the two party system”, to be coming out from a capitalist’s mouthpiece like Forbes. These people don’t throw out words like that in vain. They know what they are talking about when it comes to their interests. And make no mistake: this show-down between the president and the GOP is all about the interest of the big corporations, as Forbes colorfully explained:

“While the Congressional lunatic fringe may have nothing to fear from a default—their districts would, no doubt, continue to send them back to Congress—the loss of the nation’s financial class to the Republican Party would mean the complete destruction of the party for years to come.

Did you get that? The “lunatic fringe” in Congress do not FEAR their constituents because they KNOW that the little voters are brainless and will re-elect them NO MATTER how much harm they inflict on their constituents. (That applies to the democrats too, of course, but we are talking here about the GOP.)

But they, the lunatic fringe, MUST be afraid of the FINANCIAL CLASS. It is the financial class which matters here, not you, the little brainless automaton that re-elects these parasites for eternity until they die of senility. (Hey, if Forbes can talk about the “lunatic fringe” I can talk about the parasites.)

The big question: who are the feuding sides in the GOP’s intestinal problem?

You see, this is where it gets tricky because, well, it really is a show for you. I know this is gonna sound outrageous to you, but please, stay with me. It’s not so far fetch.

The show is the APPEARANCE  of a deep schism in the GOP threatening its demise. The reality is that the FINANCIAL CLASS thinks the time is ripe to eliminate the PRETENSE of a two party system and institute a ONE party fits-all system where they can finally take the government and run it as a corporation, openly. Let me show you how this DECEPTION is happening.

The two sides in this fight are the populist libertarians represented by the Tea Party, and the ‘conservative’ faction represented by the Financial class. (The TParty was high jacked by the billionaire Koch brothers, a very important fact. ) The TParty wants exactly what all members of the FINANCIAL and big corporations class want, there is no difference between the one and the other in terms of IDEOLOGY. They both want less government (meaning ONLY less regulation for them), reduced taxes for corporations, reduce the debt by eliminating welfare, social security and the social safety net, and other beauties unattractive to the working class.

That’s why is a show: because BOTH sides, the billionaires, want the same thing but CANNOT come out openly and say that they are taking the nation into a ONE PARTY, socialist only in the sense that the Nazi party was ‘socialist’.  So they staged this rebellion. This is NOT about ObamaCare or the debt or government shut down. For the little people it may be, but not for the elite. For the elite it is about instituting a one party government, an official corporate state. The sad part is…

That president Obama is part of this deception. I’m sure I lost you right here. But tomorrow I will show you the EVIDENCE. It’s right there in front of your eyes and coming from his own mouth. Just a preview:

“I’ve put forward proposals in my budget to reform entitlement programs for the long haul and reform our tax code in a way that…lower rates for corporations …And some of these were originally Republican proposals, because I don’t believe any party has a monopoly on good ideas.” [one party fits all] President Obama, Oct 8, 2013.