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Bloomy’s rights v. yours: he and the elite can (and will) infringe on your freedoms

“I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom”

'nough said. Make sure you take your meds today or else....

‘nough said. Make sure you take your meds today or else “we” will infringe on your freedom….’

But YOU can’t infringe on “theirs”. You are the slaves of the elite.

Never was the elite more frank and public with their true fascists nature. Wow.





Mike Bloomberg’s micro-heart, or Don’t hire the jobless.

Bloomberg is a billionaire. I have no idea what it feels like to be a billionaire, with all the houses they can afford around the globe, worrying only about how much taxes the government is unfairly squeezing out of them…

But, as of recent, I have found myself with this peculiar feeling that, somehow, Bloomberg and I are kindred spirits. It’s an awkward feeling, that he and I are somehow ‘peers’, as in consumers of mental health ‘peers’. Well, today I finally understood where that false sense of ‘buddyness’ comes from.

I was reading the NY Daily News to keep my mind away from the bad food I was eating at the dinner, when I saw this article: “Quinn vs. Mike on jobless bias”. I almost choke on a piece of lettuce when I read that Mike was against City Council passing a bill that would make it illegal for companies to post want-ads that state that only working people, people actually in a job, can apply; that the unemployed need not apply for jobs. EUREKA! I finally understood that nagging feeling of kindred spiritualism with Bloomy! THE MAN MUST BE LIKE ME: HE MUST HAVE A PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSIS! We ARE PEERS after all!

This billionaire man must suffer from some sort of mental illness, maybe some type of personality disorder, like a psychopathy, characterized by a lack of empathy, coldheartedness, lack of remorse, superficial charm, shallow emotions…I mean, how else can you explain his plan to veto a bill to correct a corporate and business behavior that is clearly discriminatory and cruel?

What is the purpose of closing the door on unemployed people, many of whom were fired from their jobs by these same corporations because they (the corporations) claimed they don’t have money to pay for anything, no health insurance, no nothing? These unemployed people are there because of the ‘economic crisis’, not because they are lazy. They are losing their homes to the banksters and foreclosure because they have been fired by corporations to increase corporate profits. And you still wonder why are there so many people losing their minds?

But my pal Mike said that he must veto the bill because it would be detrimental for the corporations (he calls them the “small business”) and would “spur frivolous law-suits”. That’s all he worries about, law suits. Discriminatory practices are ok as long as you don’t call them by their name.

But of course! Is your life worth anything for someone like a billionaire? Can they think in terms of human needs, desperation for a job to put bread on the table for our kids? Homelessness? NOOOO. A person who has a personality disorder characterized by lack of empathy can only think about money and profits. There’s no space in that chest for a heart, only a big $ exists there. Even their ‘philanthropy’ is a calculated business tactic to save them tax money.

"The incidence of psychopathy in the business world is four times that of the general population."http://afflictor.com/2012/07/10/the-incidence-of-psychopathy-in-the-business-world-is-four-times-that-of-the-general-population/

“The incidence of psychopathy in the business world is four times that of the general population.”

This is the same man that is demanding that our shelters ‘screen’ the homeless to see if it is true that they have no homes, and throw them to the streets if they can’t convince the workers that they are not choosing to be homeless in the winter in NYC. I have met people who ARE WORKING but are in the shelter because they still can’t afford to get back to an apartment in NYC. You know, people like those who work in BBK, etc. This brings me to the other article in the same paper today about (clear throat) ‘housing’.

We read that Mike is paying with our tax money to build 55 units of housing the size of a garage, literally; he calls them ‘micro housing’. They are to be between 250 and 350 square-foot ‘small’, just about what the homeless gets in the shelter.

The NY Daily News says that 35 of the ‘apartments’ fit in Mike’s 12,500 square foot mansion on East 79Th St, which is 40x bigger than one micro-unit.

He even disposed of the city’s laws by getting a waiver to the zoning law “that bar units smaller than 400 sq-ft”. The rents will be between $936 and $1,873. The $936 rooms will be the size of a closet. If you want to upgrade to ‘garage size’, you must qualify by being ‘middle class’. That’s right. That’s your future, middle class. That’s about all you, new grad students, can aspire to with your ‘degree’.

Bloomy says this is a sign of NY’s ability to adapt to the changing times. Would he adapt and move to a smaller space so others can convert his mansion into 35 tiny rooms for the middle class and alleviate the lack of housing in NYC? Or perhaps move permanently to ANY of his many mansions around the globe?

The moral vacuum in this man’s heart is painful to watch.

Unfortunately, given that he came with 2 billion dollars to City Hall and is leaving with over 20 billion (hmmm! I wonder how he did that. ) don’t expect him to leave NY politics any time soon after his tenure.