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A Prosecutor Is Punished (NYTimes)

In Texas, of all places.

This prosecutor withheld exculpatory evidence in a case of ‘domestic violence’ where the woman was assassinated supposedly by her husband who ended up in prison for over 20 years.

The prosecutor, who had become a judge after the facts, was sentenced to 10 days in jail. The best part is that he was disbarred and can’t practice law ever again.

As the article states, while the prison term was ridiculous, the hope is that more crooked prosecutors will eventually face the music .

A Prosecutor Is Punished

Stop-and-Frisk Practice Violated Rights, Judge Rules


Just when you thought there are no judges left in this nation who believe in the Constitution…bada boom, comes NY  judge Shira A. Scheindlin and bitch slaps  the NYPD and…oh boy oh boy…Bloomberg!

The part that I enjoyed the most about her ruling was the directive to the NYPD to fit the cops with BODY CAMERAS to record their interactions with the public. Now, THAT’S A RULING.

Let them get a taste of their own ‘we-tape-every-move-you-take’ medicine. See how they like it to have a camera always pointing at you in every corner of this city.

Ladies and gentlemen, now there is NO NEED to expose yourselves to arrest for taping the abusive interactions between a cop and a civilian. The cops will have to tape it themselves. Their abusive actions will be reflected, as in a mirror, on the person they stop and recorded.

As I always say, where there is a law, there is always a loophole for  government agencies who want to continue abusing their citizens to comfortably sliding  out of the hook. YOu see, the NYPD and Bloomberg see no ‘crime’ or abuse in their behavior. It’s like an addict who can’t get over the addiction until he or she admits to it.

Same here. This ruling is considered by the city as a ‘barrier’ to their job. They will look for loopholes to continue the violations.

But at least, for one day, we the poor and colorful people got to see justice.

Justice, it’s so badly trampled now a-days that we get surprised when we see it.

Is that you, Justice?


Side-by-side: SAFE ACT and ‘illegal’ OMH Guidelines enacting the ACT

How OMH violates the SAFE ACT and threatens our civil rights in the process:



Section 9.46 – Report of names made by mental health professionals:

·         “Information can ONLY BE USED to determine whether a gun license should be revoked or to deny a request for a gun license.”

Subdivision (j) of section 7.09 of the MHL:

·         Information can only be used for background check of person attempting to purchase a firearm.


NOTE: All names in report go to FBI.


·         “will also review each 9.46 report to determine whether to direct an emergency “removal” and transport to a hospital for a psychiatric examination and possible admission.”


Meaning: OMH will pick up ALL and EACH person in the report, which can only be used for background check, to involuntarily committing them to psych hospital.

The Act states who is allowed to report a person and when:

·         Only physicians, psychologists, registered nurses, and licensed clinical social workers allowed to make reports during the course of their direct and current treatmentto the person.”

OMH allows “designated” clerk or IT technician to report a person:

·         if he/shehas reason to believe that the patient is subject to SAFE Act reporting requirements”.

Meaning: Any report made by these unauthorized reporters constitutes FALSE reporting, penalized by the SAFE ACT.

Gov. Cuomo stated that the purpose of the law is to check the background of people who are trying to buy a gun:

·         ” The SAFE Act stops criminals and the dangerously mentally ill from buying a gun by requiring universal background checks”.

Based on reports to NYS Senate, OMH directs psych hospital directors to automatically report ALL adults and children on admission or discharge. As a consequence:

·         the names of 6K psych patients, including 11 years old children, who are not applying for gun permit, are now in the report for background check.

FYI: 11 years old children cannot buy guns, especially if hospitalized. Hello!

Note: Once your name has incorrectly or illegally reported to the system, you are stuck. There are NO mechanism for a person to get the name out. Just as with the ‘no-fly list’, where you can’t get the government to delete the name of a child incorrectly put in the list.

The ONLY protections are for the PROVIDERS. They are EXEMPT from the consequences to a person of incorrectly, illegally, intentional reporting his/her name.