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Name that tune, or lyrics.


The world is
a bad place
A bad place
A terrible place to live
Oh but I don’t wanna die …

See answer here.

Congress gives standing ovation to cops killer of emotionally disturbed woman with baby in car

This has go to be the mother of all metaphors: Congress gives a standing ovation to the DC cops who ASSASSINATED an unarmed ’emotionally disturbed’ woman who was driving ‘erratically’ with a baby on board.

Our nation has been driven by our militarized police (by military policy), to a state of PANIC at the sight of any ERRATIC behavior from the public (our elected rats’ own erratic and perverse behaviors doesn’t  instill fear and loathing, it instills only poverty and repression. See PS at end of post.). This is the same as the public being trained by the cops  to be in FEAR AND  TERROR of ANY emotionally disturbed people.

The PATHETIC show in DC of people been TOLD BY THE POLICE to run like hell because someone was driving erratically is truly offensive.

“terror in DC” says the main stream media.

The only good thing emanating from this sad event is that it PUT THE FEAR in the hearts of our ELECTED RATS. We should take note of that.

The MISINFORMATION fed to the public in the first hours of this and every incident like this, is shaped to instill fear and loathing of mentally ill people.

Was it an act of ‘terrorism’ from Al Qaeda, as the ‘news’ below the breaking news headline implies? RUN!, we’ll clarify later that it was not an AQ terrorist, it was a crazy woman, which is the same thing.

It just so happen that


y to initial media reports that Carey had somehow tried to breach sensitive White House property, the checkpoint was a temporary “outer perimeter” fence, making it quite possible that Carey was confused and frightened as to why she was being stopped in the first place. The temporary checkpoint may have been part of a drill that was running simultaneously.”

People, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the new laws in the drawing table to deprive of their civil rights ANYONE with a history of psychiatric ‘treatment’. The media is making sure that events that in the recent past wouldn’t have been recorded by them are now blown out of proportion. For what purpose? Do I need to tell you?

We know that the NSA is SPYING on ALL Americans, so when you hear somebody talking ‘paranoid’ talk about been spied on by the government, PLEASE, DON’T CALL 911! It may be true!

So, finally, the mathematical formula here is:

mentally ill person = ritual killer = terror, and terrorists can only be controlled with indefinite imprisonment and more ‘medication’.

PS: if you are offended by my use of adjectives to describe our elected rats, I’m sorry you are still not offended by their betrayal and backstabbing  the working class.

Obama: “I was elected to end wars.”

I just watched Obama’s press conference at the G20. He said so much…by implying; in other words, not directly.

1. At no point did he say that Syria posses a direct, not even indirect threat to the US. It was all about “protecting the international community”. That’s because Syria doesn’t pose a threat to the US, unless, suddenly, we find ourselves ‘attacked’ here with chemical weapons by some patsy. It’s the ONLY way he can get the people of the US to support his war. So, be wary of any false flags.

2. At no point did he say there was evidence about who did the attack. It was all “we are very sure” Assad did it. As Kerry said, “it’s undeniable”. “Sure” and “undeniable” are arguments with no evidence. They are worthless in a debate and shouldn’t be the excuse a war.

3. He said that the representatives of other nations agreed that “use of chemical weapons is a crime”. No one on this planet would disagree with that. But that doesn’t mean those reps are saying they agree with bombing Syria now.

4. Obama said he doesn’t need the UN to act. This is because he can’t say to the UN that Syria is a threat to the US. He has no excuse for the US to attack Syria, as Bush2 had to attack Iraq.

The US has never asked for permission to do its will around the globe. That’s why it’s an imperialist nation: it is not tied by international rules.

That’s why he just said here that “I was elected to end wars”. Somehow he feels that he is the president of the planet, elected by the world. I have heard tyrants make ego-maniacal excuses for their actions, but this one takes the cake.

The USA has no excuse to attack Syria, especially on its own. Just now he said that this attack is “unpopular” because “it seems distant.” That means that we, the US, are not threatened by Syria. That statement by him, “it seems distant”, is the smoking gun that Syria has nothing to do with us to justify spending trillions in an attack, killing millions of Syrian and a few thousand Americans.

The Noble Peace Medal-ed president is looking for excuses to force peace by waging war on the people of Syria. That peace medal has gone to his head, he thinks now, like De Caprio in Titanic, that he is the king of the world.

Keep the lies coming!

F.B.I. Said to Conclude It Could Not Have Averted Boston Attack

That’s in the NY Times. This is here, at the Citywide:

1. They admit they can’t avert REAL attacks; but they can ‘avert’ FAKE attacks made by ENTRAPMENT to mentally ill people and then send them for life to be tortured in our prisons.

2. They keep the tyrannical laws to spy and harass the regular citizen even though they can’t “avert” attacks. That’s the working definition of tyranny.

3. Even though they had follow those guys in Boston for MONTHS and “could not avert” the attacks, they continue to spy on your AMAZON online shopping for pressure cookers, and send the FBI and SWAT team to terrorize you with questions about why are you buying a pressure cooker and “what the hell is quinoa”. You gotta read the article  about the pressure-cooker-New York ‘terrorist’. It’s truly MINDLESS. The FBI didn’t know what quinoa is and why that woman needed a pressure cooker for that. They thought quinoa is  some kind of explosive!!

A "terrorist's recipe, with 'explosive' kidney beans and quinoa. DON'T EAT IT. RUN!

A “terrorist’s recipe, cooked on pressure cooker with ‘explosive’ kidney beans and quinoa. DON’T EAT IT. RUN!

Today, our only heroes are Snowden and Bradley Manning. They have given their freedom and lives for US.

What are we going  do now with that gift?




Bradley Manning and Prison Strike: The connection.















Today is the day when the US government, run by that peddler of ‘hope’ for big corporations, president BO, will send a message to YOU.

I’s NOT about that Hero of humanity,Bradley Manning.

It’s about YOU staying in your place, that big prison called ‘the US society’.

It’s NOT about ‘treason’ to the USA.

It’s about YOU daring to endanger the Goose that lays the golden egg of war profits to Exxon and Halliburton and Wall Street and other war mongering vultures who selected BO to serve them. They fed YOU the Kool Aid (propaganda), you swallowed it by the gallons, and now you are starting to throw it up. Too late. The empty suit is about to leave his job unscathed. Just like the previous empty suit who went on to write books and open a ‘library’, aka know as a ‘cellar’.

Our Hero did his part with the courage, bravery and selflessness typical of those few souls that on-and-off appear in history to show us the path, to shout to us with their SACRIFICE  ‘don’t surrender to injustice, get up, GET UP and fight.’

So, what are we gonna do? Allow BO to send him to one of these chambers of torture called ‘prisons for civilians’ or military prison?

This is the connection:

For years many people have been denouncing the appalling conditions in prisons: That prisons are big psych ‘hospitals’ where we put the mentally ill to continue experimenting on them. That prisons are rat labs for the military and the ‘psych’ industry where they practice and test torture techniques and ‘psych meds’. Prisons are where we send our political dissidents to be tortured.

The problem is: those political dissidents you support go to the same place as those you don’t support. You can’t have it both ways.

That’s were our Hero Bradley Manning is going to be sent to by that so-called president who every Tuesday sits comfy and soils that presidential chair, used by JFK, to pour over the ‘kill list’.

Can you picture him, sitting there in the Oval office, going over the list of names given to him by the NSA and the CIA and other shadow federal agencies, putting a check mark on the names of those people he decides must be assassinated with drones, no habeas corpus, no questions asked to the ‘commander in chief’, because he declared them, by the omniscient power of the presidency, that they are ‘terrorists’? Our Heroes, Bradley Manning, Assange and, now, Snowden have been in that list for a quite a while.

Freaky Tuesday

BO is the master of double speak: he said he was going to ‘protect’ whistle blowers, but, typically, he did the opposite with the “Whistle Blower Protection Act”. It’s like the NDAA Act, you know, for your protection he needs to strip you of your right to dissent.

If not for those humans we know are been torture daily in our prisons, then for our Hero, Bradly Manning, do something to stop the torture in prisons.

Go to Hunger Strike Solidarity and see how can you help.

Thanks to the people who have been demonstrating publicly in defense of our Hero Bradley Manning.

I will be seeing you soon after the ‘verdict’.

Fighting terrorism: governments brand citizens as terrorists.

See this week’s news headlines:

“Thousands fill German streets to protest Berlin’s NSA spying involvement”

“EU’s response to NSA? Drones, spy satellites could fly over Europe”

“Kiwis on the march: Thousands turn out against new spy powers in New Zealand”

“Fracktivists: At least 15 arrests at anti-fracking rally outside London”

“US approves drones for civilian use”

“FBI admits to flying drones over US without warrants”

The point? Governments have stopped functioning for the people and have become the toys of the big corporations. What the people want is totally IRRELEVANT to our ‘leaders’. The representatives of corporations in governments have branded their citizens as ‘terrorists’ that need to be spied-on 24/7.

That’s why in the USA,  NY State Office of Mental Health has turned the names of all people in the mental health system to the FBI.

It’s all related, it’s not COINCIDENCE.

Cuomo Agrees to Plan for Housing Mentally Ill, Ending Legal Battle

This is breaking news in the NY Times. Cuomo Agrees to Plan for Housing Mentally Ill, Ending Legal Battle

This is an agreement to ´right´the wrongs committed by many NYS adult homes providers and that NYS judge that made that appalling decision in the case DIA v NYS-OMH etc in April last year. This agreement is a step forwards towards moving the people in those ‘homes’ of horrors to the community.

Am I personally happy and satisfied with this? I don’t go jumping with joy without first taking a quick glance to the text of the so-call ‘agreements’ and new laws to ‘protect’ people with disabilities of all kind. Why? Because one thing are the sound bites we get in the media about how great a new law is, another is the TEXT and the IMPLEMENTATION.

Now, with this agreement, everybody relaxes and forget about it. Just like with the Justice Center, we will assume that the government is looking to protect us. Nothing happens unless you threaten the government. Not even this agreement, the result of years of court battle with the state.

OK. I will NOT sour your joy. IT IS A STEP in the right direction.

I will tell you where we must put caution in this agreement.  You can read the agreement on your own here courtesy of Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health.

Suffice it say that the agreement WARNS those Adult Homes providers previously caught abusing the mentally ill that they should not interfere with their residents in this process of moving them out, or they ‘will be punished’. Adult Homes are going to lose $$ and they want to keep their houses of horror filled. That there is a NEED for a warning to them should tell you a LOT. (See page 8, part 4 in the agreement.)

First quick notes:

From “definitions” (pages 4 and 5):

1. You have to be 65 years old or under to qualify for the benefit of the agreement.

2. The agreement MAY take 4 or 5 years to be completed. If you are 62 now and you HAVEN’T been relocated within the next two years, you may not qualify anymore. Or at least the agreement doesn’t clarify that. This is a question that those of you in Adult Homes (AH) MUST ask the people involved in this agreement.

3. As usual, the agreement applies to AH that are LICENSED, per Social Services Law Article 7. If you are in an unlicensed one, you may have problem qualifying for the agreement. YOU MUST SEEK CLARIFICATION ABOUT THIS.

4.  AH with LESS than 80 beds do not qualify for the agreement. It (“transitional AH”) has to have 80+ beds AND  a “mental health census” of 25%. If you are in a small AH, you may want to confirm that it qualifies for the agreement.

5. “Impacted” AH are those in NYC with 120 beds or more AND a mental health “census” of 25%  of the population of the AH.

MENTAL HEALTH STATUS: Not so fast baby.

To qualify, a mental health evaluation to measure your level of functioning will be implemented. This is where the ENACTING may go astray, leaving people who are not dysfunctional ‘enough’.

1. Must have a mental diagnosis based on THE MOST RECENT DSM book.  I would say, tread with caution here.

  • ‘what if I my diagnosis is not in the book anymore? They removed some and added new ones.’ See my point?

2.  Excluded from the agreement are people with developmental disabilities, mental illness due to brain damage, and “SOCIAL CONDITION”. I’m as lost as you are on that last one. Looks like a loophole to keep people in. Must check the DSM bible for clarification.

3. “Must have a  SUBSTANTIAL FUNCTIONAL disability WITHIN the PREVIOUS 24 MONTHS before the date of the agreement.” Do you know what a “substantial”  functioning disability means? I suggest you look it up if you want to get out of there. Plus, it is ‘within’ the last 24 months of the agreement. Better check it out how that may affect you too.

4. Who will determine your disability, your substantial functional levels that will ALLOW them to put you in a supported housing?

  • a determination by SSA that you receive benefits due to mental illness will not be enough.
  • A “Health Home agency” AND a  MLTCP (managed long-term care Plan) will be in charge of the process of evaluating your qualification for the agreement. Even if SSA says you are disabled, these people may determine that you are not ‘substantially‘ dysfunctional and may disqualify you. See #5, subsections (b) i and ii on page 5.

So don’t assume that you automatically qualify to be relocated out of the AH just because you are there.

“PERSON-CENTERED PLAN”. Where have I heard that before??

Right, those of us in Supported Housing (SH) are struggling with “person centered support”. Welcome to our struggle. But, I will NOT deny that chances are that, if you make it to a SH, you may be better off than there. Just don’t come here thinking ‘wow, I made it. I’m out of danger’. Nope.

Now, I couldn’t find the dates for the agreement. If any of you find that info, please, forward it. It’s important to you, if you are in one of those homes,  because of the transition schedules. You don’t want to be left out.

My take about this:

1. This is a good step forward.

2. ALL THESE PEOPLE who are coming to the community are going to face the reality of what we have here: SH is over 80% unlicensed. This means, you have NO LEGAL PROTECTIONS there. People centered treatment does not exist. It’s a craps shoot.

3. the ‘culture of abuse’ that exists in those AH will relocate in the community, following our new ‘freed’ peers, with those workers who will get jobs from there to here.

4. TODAY MORE THAN EVER  we need to ORGANIZE our people. For ‘people centered ‘ services we NEED TO BUILD THOSE CABs.

5. Never has the state given ANYTHING without a fight. The NYS WILL BE crying ‘BROKE’ to avoid completing this agreement and creating housing for them. If you want to trust them 100% despite what history shows us, fine.

This is my first reaction to the agreement. Sorry if I sour your joy. I doubt it, though.



Welcome And good luck for those of you moving here to the community ‘with us’.

Like we used to say in the ’60s: the struggle continues.