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U.S. Said to Seek Records of New York Anticorruption Panel

From the NYT, this gem of a quote from our distinguished NY State governor, referring to the commission, as he was addressing (reassuring) our ‘honest’ corporate gurus:

“It’s my commission. I can’t ‘interfere’ with it, because it is mine. It is controlled by me,” he said last month, according to Crain’s New York Business.”


This was part of my comment in 2013 when the ‘commission’ was obliterated:

“Well, the shelf-life of morality keeps getting shorter.”

“NYT: Cost of Being Mayor?” Vs ‘Mayor cost to us?’

This NY Times article, Cost of Being Mayor? $650 Million, if He’s Rich, seems like a eulogy to departing (finally!) NY City billionaire mayor Bloomberg. Mama mia! So much $$$ and wealth thrown here and there for everybody who came in contact with this billionaire man who chose to be the mayor of the financial center of the world for FREE, without personal desires to enrich himself!

Funny thing, how much did it cost New Yorkers to RECIPROCATE such generous handouts? The NYT doesn’t mention that in that article. We know that we lost tons of money in corruption, from Mr. B’s pals in Wall Street (WS). City Time’s is an example. He even said we should continue doing business with Mazer, he protected that man unabashedly.

We know that Bloomberg entered city hall in 2001  with a measly 4 billion dollars. He’s leaving with over 20 billions. He and his billionaire pals of WS  were the only ones who year after year increased their  profits in the city despite the increased in poverty around them.

Political contacts are everything in finance. Consider this:

2–If Bloomberg were publicly traded, its stock likely would have taken a dive this week.his company, which sells terminals to Wall Street banks and employees in finance on which it delivers its financial pricing data and journalism. There are now two fewer investments banks buying Bloomberg terminals, not to mention the thousands of finance workers who also will lose their jobs–and their terminals–this year.

It probably was good business for him to be the mayor. He didn’t have that contract with WS before he became mayor. As he is leaving, whatever extra he gave WS on the side for doing business with him (the sky is the limit to imagine what they got from our money and resources), it is gone with him. That’s why there are “fewer banks buying his terminals“, because they know the deal will be over with the new mayor. It’s common knowledge that POLITICS makes politicians wealthier, if they know how to play the pawns.

Consider this too: Bloomberg’s quiet investments in Sharia Finance: an ulterior motive in backing Ground Zero’s Victory Mosque?

Thanks to Mr. B, we New Yorkers are poorer. All that wealth seems to have been transferred to him and his pals. Where else could it have gone, it had to go somewhere if the city is getting poorer? Tax breaks for all billionaires by ‘investing’ in philanthropy, sheltering their money in Caribbean islands (Noticing New York) . Mr. B invested in our public libraries, that’s why he can tell them to close whenever he says so. Now he wants to sell the buildings for profit.

If you are ever interested on how mythology and the cult of the billionaire hero is created, study the propaganda that the main stream media (MSM) printed about this capitalist mayor through out those 12 years.

ANyone who believes that a capitalist like  Bloomberg works as a mayor without self-interests, without intentions to enrich himself by using the city’s resources, should read ONLY the MSM articles promoting him. Don’t venture outside the MSM or else your illusions about the goodness of the capitalist will be destroyed. Hold tight to them illusions, dear Bloomberg follower.

European boycott of death penalty drugs lowers rate of US executions

This article from The Guardian. It seems  that we have to rely on the European people’s conscience to teach us how to act to protect our humanity and ethical values. God knows that since 9/11 we have consistently been shedding our moral and human values by the bucket. We have come to accept torture, on all thing living, as a moral and necessary tool to protect us from the bogy man  chasing us because he is envious of our freedom.

Sure, sure.

Psychiatry is dead. Long live psychiatry. Part 1 of 3 (revised)

Note: Links left out in the first version are provided now, and the date of Mr. Insel’s letter to which the post refers  was corrected.

The DSM-5 can be considered the watershed of psychiatry. The old psychiatry’s shelf-life has expired. The new psychiatry was born on April 29, 2013.

For many years, since the 1960s, people who hadsmve been the recipients of psychiatric ‘treatment’ (voluntarily or against their consent) have said that there is no mental illness, at least as defined by the APA, that psychiatric diagnosis are not based on real science, and that the DSM is bunch of labels with no lab tests to back them up. Do you agree with those claims?

Most in the American public sees these people as anti-psychiatry fanatics who attack the profession because they don’t want to take their meds. Do you agree with those claims?

If you disagreed with the claims in the first paragraph and agreed with the second, I have a doozy coming up for you. Because, out of a sudden, on April 29, 2013, two weeks before the roll out of the APA’s new DSM-5, out of the NIMH cavern came this elephant noisily stepping all over the old psychiatry. The elephant’s name is Thomas Insel, Director of the NIMH who on that day made the following statement:


“While DSM has been described as a “Bible” for the field, it is, at best, a dictionary, creating a set of labels and defining each. The weakness [of the manual] is its lack of validity…the DSM diagnoses are based on a consensus about clusters of clinical symptoms, not any objective laboratory measure… That is why NIMH will be re-orienting its research away from DSM categories.” Transforming Diagnosis

Wow! Is this guy an anti-psychiatry fanatic who doesn’t want to take his meds? For how long have we been saying this??

All these years we have been walking around stigmatized with INVALID, UNSCIENTIFIC diagnosis but no one believed us. Can we NOW finally say it safely: the psychiatric system is a SCAM? Can you all finally see that your emperor has no clothes?

A more important question would be Why is this man saying this? Insel has been in the board of the APA’s DSM committee and has approved previous versions, but he never before made statements like those. He actually has protected the APA and stand for all those crazy diagnosis contained in the DSM. He has contributed to our stigmatization and poisoning with psychiatric drugs.

So, before you go on cheering for him for his seemingly anti-DSM position, take a pause. The waters of the psychiatric profession are too muddled now to see what’s really going on at the bottom. With some life experience, common sense and political acumen, you can discern the feeding frenzy going on below the waters.

Insel must have known that his statement was going to be, as it was, like a tsunami in the psychiatric and mental health communities. To move away from the DSM, as he said, is like proposing the CHINESE CULTURAL REVOLUTION in the USA.

cult rev

For the last 60 years, at least, EVERYTHING from the psychiatric labels, to the laws that limit the civil rights of people with mental “illness”, to which drugs/narcotics the government will subsidize, to states and national mental health policies, to where research money goes, to how our culture perceives and understand mental illness and the people afflicted with it, all this have been deeply influenced and defined by the APA+ DSM. That’s why they call their book a bible: is the voice of our psychiatry god, it DEFINES NORMALCY for us, and consequently, many of our moral values.

If you ditch this book to promote the new classification system for psychiatric ‘illnesses’ (in his blog Insel stated that “we are creating a new nosology”), our society has to be re-trained to think of mental illness in a different way, don’t you agree? You better agree, because this is what he said:

“A rethink is needed in terms of how we view mental illness.” Mental Disorders as Brain Disorders-Thomas Insel at TEDxCalTech 

And what is that “rethinking”? That

“…mental disorders are brain circuit problems”

“…mental illness is referred to either as a mental or behavioral disorder. We need to think of these as brain disorders.” [same link]

Basically the new thinking is that there is no mental illness.

WHAT?! Mental illness doesn’t exist!!??  Where is this radical concept coming from? Funny ‘cause many in the anti-psychiatric movement have been saying that too for many years. What is he going to put in the place of the DSM? Part of the answers are in that May 16 statement.

As he said, the DSM is not valid because it is NOT based on science; there are no “objective lab measures” to back it up. Something that is not based on science can be done by just about ANYONE.

That’s the first and most important draw back of the DSM these days, that treating mental illness can be done by just about anyone. This guy, Bruce Cuthbert, Ph. D., the director of the Division of Adult Translational Research at the National Institute of Mental Health, state it pretty clear:

“…there is a rich research foundation showing that non-medication treatmentssuch as psychotherapywork equally well (if not better) for the treatment of many mental disorders. If these were pure medical diseases with clear and readily defined biomarkers, that shouldn’t be the case. After all, positive thinking can’t cure cancer.”


It has got to hurt,  be embarrassing to both the APA and the pharma that EVEN psychotherapists, social workers, santería, Garry Null and all those bums on a T shirt without an Md degree can do the job BETTER.


It is PRECISESLY that fact which makes it difficult to justify spending millions of tax payer’s $$ in researching drug efficacy when just talking does the job. Another embarrassment is this statement by our friend Bruce:

“Pharmaceutical companies say that, on average, a marketed psychiatric drug is efficacious in approximately half of the patients who take it.” [same link]


Guess which happy bubble is buying the placebo effect?

Of course,  in their TV ads, Zoloft and other brands  don’t include in the 1/2 minute list of things that can go wrong if you take their drugs the fact that chances are the drug will not have the effect advertised, but you could get a heart attack or go off on a killing rampage from it .

The public is on to the scam and are questioning the pharma based on all those mass murders by individuals on psychiatric drugs; drugs which have the potential to cause increase in violent and suicide behaviors but the pahrma has been hiding those facts from the public for years.

All this leads to the logical conclusion: the biochemical-imbalance model of mental illness, the marriage between pharma and the APA, is

OUTDATED, it leaves the ‘profession’ looking ancient, without pedigree, corrupt and without authority to dictate our social and personal mental and behavioral values. In the words of that NIMH’s elephant, that model is

“an impediment to progress”. [same link]

Of course, the progress he refers to here is more like the progress to rule our minds. The problem with his statement is that nothing will change for the public for the better with his new psychiatry, with his new “medical experimentation”. More on this tomorrow.

The old psychiatry has to go, it has to be sacrificed to the god of  science,

Old psychiatry and DSM, the sacrificial lamb.

neuroscience, if the pharma and ‘scientists’ want to continue to be perceived as the ONLY authority to dictate our mental health policies. At stake are: the billions of dollars we pay for research, political power, prestige, control over social perceptions about psychiatric science and the pharma, etc. etc. etc.

The new science, the new psychiatric god: neuropsychiatry.

That has been the ‘modern’ psychiatry professionals struggle since the 1800s, to be accepted as a branch of medicine and science. The medical profession has perennially looked at psychiatrist with scorn, as not been any different than the priests and exorcists of the past.

The APA was given a new lease on life. It either joins ‘the modern times’ or succumb to the weight of its own lies.

Either way we will continue to swallow the placebo.

Tomorrow in part 2: neuroscience, the new lobotomies, experimentation on humans.

Under cover of law: Extortion as punishment and the high cost of stigmatizing the mentally ill

From the Washington Post

D.C. woman’s number of 911 calls prompt city to request that she be given a guardian

At stake in this case is that the state (D.C.) wants to take the money (SSD checks) of this person and the only way to do it is by stripping her of her civil rights. The excuse for this atrocity is that she calls 911 “too frequently”.

The ´disability´in mental disability is in how society perceives the illness and the person bearing it, it is not the actual symptoms or manifestations of the illness that matters. You are not accepted as a functioning member of society if you are perceived as ´disabled´.  The disabilities movement have tried to show that if you put ramps, for example, they are not a ´burden’ to society  and can function and work like any other person. Clearly, the refusal to put a ramp was what caused these people to be ‘disabled’.

The same with mental illness, well, they don’t need a ramp. What I mean is that, portraying the mentally ill as a ‘burden’ is stigmatizing and it is what causes them to be ‘disabled’. We have to thank our States’ mental health system for their  good work at impressing that stigma in the public.

In this post I try to show, with this article,  how the process of stigmatizing is achieved by our government, nation-wide.

Anatomy of a stigma

The issues or problems stated by the D.C. officials in the article are:

1) Repeat callers to 911

2) …well, there’s no #2 nor 3 or 4 for that matter.

Unburdening society of the burden of people with mental disabilities: make them non citizens.

The only real issue that the officials can present in this case is the frequent 911 calls by one person. They have to deal with it as with any other situation.

The rest of their ‘reports’ constitute only unfounded accusations using mental illness as the basis to legally punish and extort money from Mrs. Rigsby by declaring her incompetent. Her crime: being mentally disabled.

This is also, and very important, a test case to be applied in the future, if they succeed, to other people with or without mental disabilities: using guardianship to punish people who use services “too frequently”. All they have to do, if you are not mentally ill,  is tag a label of a a mental illness with the help of psychiatrists, who are always at hand for the job.

I can see nothing more stigmatizing than the officialdom and the psychiatric and mental health systems abusing their powers to conjure a lie using mental illness as the legal basis to deprive people of their civil rights. In order to do all that, they have to paint the mentally ill as a burden to society. That’s EXACTLY what these people are doing here. Just see how many times the word “burden” was used by them in the article.

The article states that there are “concerns from D.C. officials about the impact of one woman’s troubles on public-health and safety resources” and “repeat 911 callers have long been identified as burdens on the health system and a drain on public-safety resources.”

Shared delusions of Impending doom

As stated in the article, there have been NO research AT ALL about how ANY repeat callers, let alone this woman in particular, has an impact on the resources. That explains the fact that D.C. official speaks ONLY of a “concern”: “concern that if [a supposition, it hasn’t happen yet in all those years] if crews are tending to Rigsby, the next 911 caller with an emergency might [another supposition, hasn’t happen yet either]get a paramedic from a farther distance, said Miramontes, the medical director…“There will come a time [another supposition, that time has not come yet] when one of these [frequent 911 callers] will call and they will [nope, not yet] cost someone else their life,”

These are all words meant to portray the mentally disabled as a ‘burden’. There’s no concrete EVIDENCE they can show that would cause them to have the concern that, if they don’t take this woman’s civil rights away, the system is about to collapse…unless they share with Mrs. Rigsby the delusion of “impending doom”, as the psychiatrist thought she may have.

But, no, they are not delusional. They are simply conspiring to abuse the power given to them by the citizens and commit the crime of extortion under cover of law.


First lie: it’s all in her mind

They allege “that Rigsby, 58, has bipolar and borderline personality disorders and does not have the mental capacity to handle her medical affairs.”

The implication all along the article is that her illness is in her mind, except that “About 40 percent of the time, she dials 911 on her own. Other times, she’s out in the District when passersby see her fall and call for help, the testimony indicated.”

So, 60% of the times “passersby” make the call because they see her fall; clearly, it’s not in her mind for other people have witnessed her problem.

This case is a hands-on experience on How to Stigmatize People with Mental Disabilities.

Second lie: she uses the services EVERYTIME she calls 911.

In the article we find that “About 55 percent of the time, she refuses to be transported in an ambulance and signs a waiver allowing emergency responders to leave.” Clearly, less than half of the call-events end up in her being transported, this shows that the officials are exaggerating and lying about her.

Third lie: they are trying to save the city money (by spending millions)

That’s a good one. Hundreds of thousands of $$ will be spend on a court case, the city will be spending thousands on a neurologist for an expensive neurological test to prove she’s crazy, thousands on a psychiatrist and other “mental health experts” hired to lie in court on behalf of the city…she only ‘owes’ $61 grand after so MANY years, for crying out loud!

In addition, a guardian cost money to the city too because she doesn’t have enough $$ to pay for care at home. If they send her to a home…

Fourth lie: Mrs. Rigsby, not the system, is a burden to the city.

Well, if more than half the times she calls (55% of the times) she REFUSES to be carted away, that means that she is CONSCIOUSLY trying to NOT burden the system, but that’s not what you get from the article.

What they don’t elaborate in the article is that she REFUSES to be carried by the EMS, that’s the word they used, REFUSES. That means that they TRIED to take her just because they showed up, even though she is refusing. We don’t know whether she offered to go on her own, must likely, but it is clear she REFUSED to be taken by ambulance. Why are they making her look like an unreasonable person?

Well, without the unreasonableness, without the ‘crazy’ there’s no stigma and no stigma means no power over her because the truth that it’s all an abuse would be clear to all. Ergo, she must be made to look crazy, unreasonable and a burden.

When you read the comments posted for the article, EVERYBODY is taking as true that she is mentally ill and a burden to the system simply because the ‘officials’ say so. Her words don’t count.

It’s not about the money; it’s about the civil rights

“If the District’s petition is successful, the medical guardian could take responsibilities for such things as hiring a home health aide, filling prescriptions and proposing a different living environment. But it would still be possible for Rigsby to dial 911 because the guardian would not be a live-in caregiver.”

The issue of ‘repeat calls’ will not change. The problem is one of quality of services.

Cutting funds and leaving the communities dependent on punitive measures to squeeze money for services, or to cut expenses by criminalizing the poor and the mentally ill is the correct way to break our society apart.

We spend trillions on wars. That’s all I have to say.

A Prosecutor Is Punished (NYTimes)

In Texas, of all places.

This prosecutor withheld exculpatory evidence in a case of ‘domestic violence’ where the woman was assassinated supposedly by her husband who ended up in prison for over 20 years.

The prosecutor, who had become a judge after the facts, was sentenced to 10 days in jail. The best part is that he was disbarred and can’t practice law ever again.

As the article states, while the prison term was ridiculous, the hope is that more crooked prosecutors will eventually face the music .

A Prosecutor Is Punished

Important news in the media about people with mental disabilities.

The information in the first headline below is disturbing. It’s another attempt at depriving people with mental disabilities of their civil rights.

The other two are news about how politicians of both parties continue to use people with mental disabilities as pawn for their personal and parties’ political gains. Well, that’s my interpretation of the information in the articles. If you believe what the government wants you to believe, that parity has been achieved…I don’t know what to tell you.

D.C. woman’s number of 911 calls prompt city to request that she be given a guardian

Equal Coverage for the Mentally Ill

Rules to Require Equal Coverage for Mental Ills

Being bilingual pushes back dementia by nearly 5 years: study

¡Te lo dije! Habla Español y vivirás más.

That’s right. Being a polyglot is good for you. How many tongues do you have? No, the correct question is…wait, I forgot…OK,  How many tongues do you speak? Do you speak in tongues? That counts too!







But, please,  PLEASE, careful with your translations.


Correct translation is ‘salida solamente’ or a simple ‘salida’. “Exito” in Spanish means ‘success’. LOL “Success here”.


Can you figure that one out? ENDORSADO!!!
Que vergûenza. How embarrassing. That’s a horrible anglicism.

Me too! That’s a pun. The word in Spanish for pregnant is “embarazada” which sounds pretty much like “embarrased”. So, the squirrel there is trying to say that it is ’embarrassed” , but it came out as ‘pregnant’. Ja!


Being bilingual pushes back dementia by nearly 5 years: study

NY elections: Gambling, propaganda and empty skulls. (Updated: Empty skulls applies to the people of Washington State.)


Yeap. This is going to be one of those testy posts.

NYorkers voted 57% in favor of making the state a casino mecca.

How did they make that decision?

The same way that the Washingtonians voted against their own interest and defeated a bill that would have required the labeling of genetically altered foods: they listen to the mermaids singing. In NY- politicians like Gov. Cuomo and state legislators who themselves got millions in campaign donation from foreign fat casino moguls.  In Washington, Monsanto and other corporations spent 0ver 11 millions in the campaign. We the people have NOTHING to win in these bets, only the moguls and our ‘misleadership’ (as the  guys from Black Agenda Report call politicians) win.

There will be homegrown compulsive gamblers, billions of dollars will be sucked out of the state to the foreign homelands of the moguls… Money spent in  casinos is money that does NOT circulate in the community. Don’t expect your misleadership to tell you that.

No significant $$ goes to mental health services to treat the compulsive gamblers because, hey, we want you to gamble, why cure you? That would cut into the profits.

There’s a reason why OMH in NYS, as in many other states, compulsive gambling is NOT considered a mental illness.  Your compulsion doesn’t qualify you for any services because, well, the government took you by the hand to the doors of perdition (with advertizing and ‘regulating’ casinos’ comps) knowing that casino gambling creates addiction and destroy lives. Admitting that gambling is addictive and a disorder that requires services would be admitting that it is the government who is causing this problem.


Good luck. You are going to need it.

But what do you expect? These are the same politicians (Cuomo) who told you they were creating an Ethics Board to keep our bureaucrats honest, but then decided, after you were not paying attention, that it was not such a great idea after all and ‘sabotaged’ themselves. See Cuomo’s Office is said to rein in Ethics Board he created.

Oh well.

With marijuana, at least you can claim it is ‘medicinal’. What positive effects on your body can you claim about gambling on machines fixed to suck your money out of your pockets with their hypnotizing visual ‘themes’ and repeated-at-nauseum ringtone-like excerpts  of famous TV shows songs? With loaded dice and roulette balls? Jobs? Really? Have you studied the stats of job creations by casinos in NJ? I mean REAL stats, not the ones cooked for you by the misleadership. And don’t ask me for the data now, it’s too late for that. Go look it up yourselves if you want to know.

What’s the point of digging the right data and the right interpretation of the data for you  if you are going to listen only to the magic words of your elected misleadership ‘come, trust me, it’s good for you’?

Propaganda is like  the flakes we sprinkle over the water in the fish tank for the captive, starved fishes: they look up and say ‘yum’ and go in an eating frenzy an eat and eat a lot of nothing mixed with water and start pooping all over the tank. Well, something like that, sort of. Ok, bad metaphor.

Look, the point is that propaganda is like a solvent that melts your brain and leaves your skull empty ready to receive  anything that the politicians and the corporations want you to do. People don’t think, they follow instructions.



Paradise lost: US military police ‘state of siege’ is on.

The photo below is from the state of siege imposed in California on Friday, Oct. 25, 2013 due to some attack on some cops.  It depicts a citizen trying to get to his home being threaten by the police. The residents in the ‘affected’ area were not allowed to come back to their homes for 24 hrs, homes were invaded by the cops as was done in Boston after the marathon massacre.

When I see this, I feel afraid of the police. As a person with a disability, I’m considered by DHS (Department of Homeland Security) as a ‘possible terrorist’. NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) has probably by now put my name (and yours if you are receiving ‘mental health services’) in the FBI/NSA/ list of mentally ill people to keep an eye on. See my post ( under gun control category)  NY SAFE Act gun law .

What you see in that AP photo could happen to any one of us soon. All needed is a real or staged ‘terrorist attack’ on a cop by a ‘mentally disabled’ kid or adult and BADDA BAM, you have a rifle pointed at your face like that OR  a military boot stomping on your face.

This is NOT Iraq or Afghanistan. This is good ol’ Sacramento, California area.

A California Highway Patrol officer and another emergency responder stop a vehicle at a checkpoint near the neighborhood where a federal immigration officer was shot and three local police officers were wounded during a violent confrontation with a suspect in the Sacramento suburb of Roseville on Friday, Oct. 25, 2013. (AP Photo/The Sacramento Bee, Randall Benton)

Obama’s message to the world at the UN: screw you.

President Obama has laid out his foreign policy for the world to see in his last speech at the UN (Sept 24, 2013). It’s not a pretty picture. He basically said “we’ll do what we think is better for us even in your own nations without your consent”. Seriously. Obama has declared the US the police of the planet.

The president has stated that he will have no problem working with dictators as long as they work for the US interests:

 “The United States will at times work with governments that do not meet, at least in our [own] view, the highest international expectations [meaning tyrants], but who work with us on our core interests.”

Nor has he any problem in disregarding nation-sovereignty:

“the principle of sovereignty is at the center of our international order.  But sovereignty cannot be a shield for tyrants to commit wanton murder, or an excuse for the international community to turn a blind eye.”

the danger for the world is not an America that is too eager to immerse itself in the affairs of other countries… The danger for the world is that the United States may disengage… I believe such disengagement would be a mistake.

“even when America’s core interests are not directly threatened, we stand ready to do our part to prevent mass atrocities…”

All of the above means clearly that the US gives itself the right and will intervene militarily in any country it sees fit if the tyrants are NOT working with “us on our core interests”. And for those tyrants that work with the US, he promises them:

“We will confront external aggression against our allies and partners, as we did in the Gulf War.”


Obama was blunt about what the world can expect of him:

“So let me take this opportunity to outline what has been U.S. policy towards the Middle East and North Africa, and what will be my policy during the remainder of my presidency.

“The United States of America is prepared to use all elements of our power, including military force, to secure our core interests in the [Arab] region.”

“Wherever possible, we will build the capacity of our partners [including the tyrants], respect the sovereignty of nations [“whenever possible”], and work to address the root causes of terror [what are they?].  But when it’s necessary to defend the United States against terrorist attack, we will take direct action.”

About the UN itself, he made military intervention a requirement as UN’s policy:

“without a credible military threat, the Security Council had demonstrated no inclination to act at all. “

And then made a not-so-veiled threat to the UN in the form of a big “if”:

“If we [UN] cannot agree even on this [military intervention against Assad], then it will show that the United Nations is incapable of enforcing the most basic of international laws.

The dangling question, of course, is: What would happen to the UN if it proves itself “incapable of enforcing” these laws which the US wants to be enforced? Is the US going to leave the UN? Withhold its dues? Spy on everybody? Oops, that’s  already been done.

With regards to Syria, well, this is going to be long war: 

“Assad’s traditional allies have propped him up, citing principles of sovereignty to shield his regime. [Obama said sovereignty will not be respected if he doesn’t like the ‘government’.]

“Nevertheless, a leader who slaughtered his citizens and gassed children to death cannot regain the legitimacy to lead a badly fractured countryThe notion that Syria can somehow return to a pre-war status quo is a fantasy.

…the status quo will only deepen Iran’s isolation. Iran’s genuine commitment to go down a different path will be good for the region and the world, [the Iranian people’s wishes are not important] and will help the Iranian people meet their extraordinary potential — in commerce and culture; in science and education. [They will not “meet” those potentials if they don’t obey the US policies for them.]

And then he extends the Syria policy to the rest of the Arab world:

“What broader conclusions can be drawn from America’s policy toward Syria? 

“we will be engaged in the [Arab] region for the long haul.”

“We will ensure the free flow of energy from the region to the world.  Although America is steadily reducing our own dependence on imported oil, the world still depends on the region’s energy supply, and a severe disruption could destabilize the entire global economy.”

There’s no ‘international interest’, only the US interests. If you agree with that, then you agree with Obama’s stance on foreign policy. Fine. But, his stance  means WAR because the international community will not stand to protect the US’s interests against their own national and sovereign interests.

Any nation that doesn’t abide to the US interests is, in the words of Bush2 and now Obama, a terrorist nation.

Welcome to the ETERNAL war on ‘terrorism’.

CAUGHT INFRAGANTI: How Lawyers teach corporate America to discriminate against American workers.

“Our goal is clearly NOT to find a QUALIFIED US worker…”

This vid was uploaded last year in Youtube. What you see here is STILL happening in OUR nation, and it applies, not only to corporations’ desire to bring  cheaper foreign work force INTO the USA, but to hire a passive and anti-union American work force.  The least you know about your rights, the better the chances that you will get that Mickey D’s job flipping mad-cow-diseased burger to pay for that PhD loan…in 40 years.

“How Immigration attorneys teach companies to use loopholes and deceit to steal job opportunities from highly skilled Americans and give the jobs to cheaper and younger foreign workers.”

Baby Hope (Angelica Castillo, R.I.P) and the many faces of evil.

Evil is the UNSPEAKABLE harm  that humans do, KNOWINGLY, JOYFULLY and REMORSELESSLY, to others who are NOT in the position to fight back. That includes harm done  to children and animals, women, the elderly. But also the harm  done to a NATION’S CITIZENS who can’t  IMMEDIATELY fight-back it’s government and big corporations’ immoral policies which destroy lives under cover of law.

There are many people who fit the bill, whether in politics (both democrat and republican parties) or in our regular communities. I give you here only TWO of the many and most disgusting and scary faces of EVIL:

Conrado is the monster who tortured and assassinated a four years old child. Today we know the child’s name was Angelica Castillo.The other face, well, he’s so evil that his citizens call him Darth Vader. His crime: he went PUBLICLY to demand from our Congress a law to give the government (him) the right to use TORTURE as a form of interrogation to extract confessions from ‘enemies of the state’. Of course, we know that EVERYTHING permitted in wars has come to plague the peaceful American civilian life and that, now, dissenting groups and individuals are considered by the State as ‘enemies of the state’. Jose Padilla was the FIRST AMERICAN to experience the government’s right to torture its citizens . The precedent has been set, followed by President Obama’s NDAA, a right to kill a US citizen without habeas corpus.

When the ‘beacon of freedom’ sees torture as something ‘useful’ and moral, as the ‘right thing to do’ to others, the Conrados of the world have triumphed over our hearts.

I think it is our moral duty to be as OUTRAGED about our government’s torture policies as we are about this beast who tortured that child.

They are one and the same expression of evil, in different faces and with different accent.

The ‘GOP’s big schism’ deception Part 2: ‘it’s the Fed, stupid’.

Yesterday I was divagating about what really is at stake in this so-called GOP schism we are witnessing.

My theory is based on the shared believe between the fans in the bleacher section of the political park (liberals, progressives, non-Obama’s leftists and GOP party’s libertarian base: the mob) that the worldwide elite is trying to institute a ‘one world corporate party’ and that the Federal Reserve must go.

This is my theory:

The real division in the GOP is between the elite and the GOP’s libertarian ‘bleachers monsters’ (the TParty mob who is NOT a billionaire, it is the party’s working class and other paleoconservatives [see Wikipedia]) who want to eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank. That’s the issue, the FED. It’s NOT the debt, it’s the FED.

The billionaires may disagree on how to CONTROL the debt, but the MOB wants to eliminate the source of the debt: the Federal Reserve Bank. Last Tuesday (Oct 8) Obama stated in his press conference this elite’s fear (his own fear too) that the TParty mob would succeed in eliminating the FED:

“Well, the same thing is true if I’m buying Treasury bills from the U.S. government, and here I am sitting here — you know, what if there’s a Supreme Court case deciding that these aren’t valid, that these aren’t, you know, valid legal instruments obligating the U.S. government to pay me? I’m going to be stressed, which means I may not purchase. And if I do purchase them, I’m going to ask for a big premium.”

As I was listening to him say that, I wondered from where the hell that statement came from. It seemed so out of place, a ‘conspiracy‘ itself. It finally hit me: it is the anti-Fed movement the elite and Obama is fearing. It is getting so much strength in the party that it is becoming a threat. That comment hints that there may be a TParty mob effort to go to court to challenge the FED and the US debt.

Yesterday I said that the interests of the elite, represented by billionaires of Wall Street, worldwide banking and financial corporations and many other gigantic corporations influencing our Congress and president, are the SAME despite seeming differences in how to achieve their goal: total control of the US government’s functions by the corporations. You may say it’s a done deal this control. Yes, except that it’s covered under the mantle of ‘democracy’. In a democracy there must be more than one political party and the people must be seen as the all-important voters who make the ‘real decisions’. Most of us know or are already having a feeling, that this democracy is a myth.

On the other hand, there is a movement in the USA that believes that the Constitution was violated when the politicians gave (in 1935) the government’s power to issue money, which Constitutionally belongs ONLY to the government, to the banksters. 

The TPartiers in the bleachers suicidally agrees with the elite in EVERYTHING else that is the GOP’s agenda: eliminating the social safety net and social security, lowering taxes to corporations, etc etc etc. The difference is in that the bleacher monster, as part of its plan to eliminate the FED, wants to declare the US national ‘debt’ INVALID, non-payable because the debt is ILLEGAL.

The elite in the GOP and democratic party are ready to take the blanket from the top of our heads. A one party, controlled by them to control the functions of government is ripe for picking.

The Koch brothers hijacked the ORIGINAL TParty probably with the purpose of dividing the GOP using the most extreme of the bleachers monster, giving then a picture of a party that needs to be EUTHANIZED like a rabid dog. Divide and conquer by breaking the GOP and leaving ONE party: a ‘democratic party’ that can easily assume the positions of the defunct GOP.

The elite, Wall Street and Goldman Sachs all come across as ‘moderate’ in this DECEPTION. Of course, they don’t want their bank closed.

Goldman Sachs is in hot waters with the scandal of the Federal Reserve worker who proved that he is involved in deception and conflict of interest, lying to the people who invests with him under his guidance. The Fed ordered her to deny and delete the evidence. This elite controls EVERYTHING.

The elite doesn’t want some TPartier in T-shirt threatening it’s toy, our  government.

So, this is my theory. It’s not so far fetched.


Cuomo’s Office Is Said to Rein In Ethics Board He Created –

Cuomo’s Office Is Said to Rein In Ethics Board He Created –

Well, the shelf-life of morality keeps getting shorter.

This news is why I am always criticizing our politicians and our mental health ‘laws’ and ‘initiatives’, such as Cuomo’s Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs: they are just public relations ‘news’ that solve NOTHING but stay in the people’s mind as something done. For some reason the public doesn’t read the ‘updates’.

It’s not personal, my ‘attacks’. It’s only business.

To be or not to be HONEST, that is the question in front of us, ladies and gentlemen.

Baby Hope’s Mother Is Interviewed as Investigators Proceed With Caution-NYT

This is a heart breaking 1991 case I remember clearly. I’m glad it may be solved.

This case reminds me that the human capacity for evil will never be diminished.

Evil, and it’s father Hatred, continues to manifest daily, unabated,  in the form of torture of children and animals; the scenario is either the safety of the home, the war battle fields where women, elder and children are raped, hacked and riddled with bullet as ‘collateral damage’ by their own nationals and by  ‘liberating foreign soldiers’ from around the globe, including ours. Just as in medieval times. It’s done by men and women for profit (armaments dealers, pharma, etc.), for political power, and by some men for sheer expression of their  hatred of anything that is not male and powerful: women, children and animals.

Is this related to mental illness or health?  When we do evil, knowingly and in disregard of the victim, whether by orders of ‘superiors’ or by fear and ‘self preservation’, it is a choice. Then, it is simply evil in the heart.

If you want to spare yourself of sadness and tears today, DON’T READ THE ARTICLE.

Man sets himself on fire on the Mall

Man is critically injured after setting himself on fire on the Mall

WARNING! Image that may be considered disturbing by some people is included in this post.

In the USA, contrary to Europe and the Middle East, the  visible evidence of the consequences of the war on the working class unleashed by their elected law-breakers…um…I meant to say law-maker’s policies, is not the working class seen in the streets fighting their corrupted elected politicians and their police-state. No. In the USA, the visible evidence of that class war is the disintegration of the public mental health in the form of self-immolation, increase in suicide rates, increase in ‘mass shootings’. It’s not ‘chemical imbalance’, it’s mental illness due to political imbalance. Mental illness  in healthy societies is very low and not a problem to that society.

This  evidence of the  increased mental deterioration of our people is what our president callously referred to as that pesky

ritual that we go through every three or four months

I know you don’t like to hear this but, our president’s and law-breakers (in both houses of Congress and both parties) laws redistribute our wealth up to the billionaire elite of Wall Street, to the war-mongering arms dealers and builders, the health insurance industry’s CEOs, the pharma and to the surveillance industry’s CEOs (among other privileged elitists) through trillions of dollars spent in contracts. This leaves the public safety-net destroyed when we need it the most.

The ignored-by-the-media epidemic increase in homelessness, usurious loan interest rates that guarantee the debt will be unpaid by an unemployed working class, the trillions in student loan debt that guarantee the students will not have a living-salary because the interest is prohibitive, veterans returning home without health and mental health services, all of this and more can have ONE guaranteed result: trauma to the mental health, individually and collectively.

But there are TWO public expressions of this problem: class struggle in the streets, as in Europe and the Middle East, or collective and individual depression expressed in self-directed violence and/or spontaneous, unplanned violence against the society. This last one is the one the law-breakers fear because they know it can turn into class struggle in the streets with THEM as the target.

Soo, before that happens, they and their media have DISCONNECTED from the public view the chain that ties  the INCREASE in ‘mental health issues’ to the economic and political war on the working class, and put the blame on mental illness as a threat to society, with the mentally ill turned in the public eye into a ‘terrorist’.

Famous photo of Vietnam era Tibetan monk protesting the war.

Self-immolation has got to be the most extreme form of political statement. The Tibetan monks used it to protest the Vietnam war and even today. We have yet to see why that man in the mall here in the US set himself on fire but, whatever the reason, it’s a bad omen of the extreme effect this ‘economical crisis’ is having on our people.

These laws taking away the civil rights of people with ‘mental illness’ are NOT created for your protection. They have been created for the protection of the elected officials and the banking and financial elite AFRAID of what may happen to them when we finally wake up.

People, the medicine we need is ‘the people united’ putting the fear in the elite’s heart.

Gov shut down: safe now to talk on the phone and send emails

Jay Leno on government shut down:

Jay Leno asked his audience Who was worried about the government shutdown, then asked how many people were more worried about it starting up again.

“I am glad the government is shut down,” he added. “For the first time in years it’s safe to talk on the phone and send emails without anybody listening in!”

“Oh, you can see the effects of the shutdown all over town, it’s terrible. President Obama now down to just one teleprompter. That’s how so bad it is.

Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry are being forced to use the same botox needle. That’s how bad it is.

It is so bad, John Boehner can’t afford tanning cream any more, he’s just rubbing his face with Cheetos dust. that’s how bad it is.

It is so bad, Harry Reid has been forced to change his own embalming fluid. that’s how bad it is.”

I, on my part, say this: all 800 million furloughed workers should march to Capitol Hill and put the FEAR in the heart of these elected RATS, democrats and republicans and Obama alike. They are all in this scam. None of them has lost a penny. They should be passed through the pitchfork. Seriously.

But of course, the workers will do nothing but cry about the unpaid bills.

The pathetic American working class has what it deserves. Until they get up and EARN their respect, this trash is all they will continue to earn.

Time to tell it as it is, folks.


Disturbing news: FBI calls half of populace with 9/11 doubts potential terrorists

This is the latest installment of Big Brother’s “anti-terrorism” orders.  What I find most disturbing in this Digital Journal   article  is that ANY “personal problems” is sufficient to label you as  “terrorist”, or more specifically a “sleeper” cell terrorist, if during your “personal problem” you happen to vent “fury at the West[?] for the  global policies of the US”. Also, “excusing violence against Americans on the grounds that American actions provoked the problem”, in other words, disagreeing with US foreign policies would automatically convert you into  a “sleeper cell”.

Notice that expressing your “fury” against any European nation, the “West”, counts as an act of ‘treason’. That’s the long arm of the globalist elite. You are not allowed to criticize or have dissenting views ANYWHERE, not only in the US or about non-US policies. Your political opinions are restricted now to either shut up or accept as perfect the nation’s  actions to ‘protect the homeland’.

If there where any doubts of the reality that our government distrusts its citizens, that this is a BIG BROTHER state, that dissent is DE FACTO banned, that ALL Americans are considered traitors by the FBI and our politicians, that our Constitution is dead…that article ought to erase any such doubts.

According to the FBI and the Department of Justice [justice for the elite] list of ‘characteristic’ behaviors and beliefs of terrorists, I and all of you who may agree with a few of my  posted opinions, are considered  ‘terrorists’ by our government. You don’t have to do anything ‘wrong’; just express disagreement about our government policies, mild or ‘furiously’,  or even just visit this blog, and you are a “sleeper” cell terrorist.

This is all happening during the Obama administration.

Yeap. America, the land of the free, RIP. Long live the dictatorship.

Section of FBI circular to local police   Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Sl...

Americans Fault Mental Health System Most for Gun Violence

Interesting Gallup poll.

One thing: according to the poll, Americans have NOT change at all, since 2011, in their believe that the “failure of the mental health system to identify individuals who are a danger  to others” is the MAIN cause of mass shootings (48%). But, there was a REDUCTION of 6% since 2011 to 2013 in the amount of people who believe that guns are the culprit. The question is Where did those 6% put the blame now? Evidently their change in perception is NOT reflected as an increase in the category of people who believe that the mental health system is to be blamed.

Surprisingly enough, Democrats are MORE likely to believe that guns are NOT the main culprit (51%), which brings the question: Why is the Dem Party so intent in ramming down our throats gun control laws as a panacea to this problem? As I showed in my previous post, Obama stated that the MAIN reason we have ‘ritualistic mass shootings’  is because “we” (the public) refuse to adopt “firm background checks”, a sad and absurd statement from the president of “hope and change”.

“Independents” are MORE inclined to blame guns than republicans themselves (44 vs 49% respectively).

This all leads me to believe that the Democratic Party PREFERS to blame guns so it doesn’t have to explain Why are they cutting funds for mental health services while the American people understands that bad quality of mental health services is the main cause of mass shootings.

If we were to accept that Gallop poll as valid, then these would be some points for the mental health advocacy community to consider:

1. Is the NRA succeeding in its message that guns are not to be blamed for mass shootings?

2. Is blaming the ‘mental health system’ equivalent to blaming the mentally ill individuals? That would be disastrous for us.

3. How can the mental health advocacy community take ‘advantage’ of the believe that the mental health system is the main cause of mass shootings? This point ought to be ‘exploited’: demand REAL reform in the mental health system NOW. While mental illness is NOT the ONLY reason for mass shootings (wars, national economy, environment of police-state, home foreclosures by Wall Street, joblessness, homelessness and many other social issues are part of the problem of mass shootings),  we could focus on QUALITY of services as much as on QUANTITY as a response to mass shootings.

We must battle against ALL background checks that stigmatize the mentally ill. Background checks are NOT the answer, not even enough to accept them TEMPORARILY because, once the legal damage is done, we can’t fight it for the next 50 years.

I’m a skeptic when it comes to polls, but, given that Americans tend to ‘buy’ them,  it would make sense to take advantage of this one.