This blog is basically inactive. I keep it here because the posts are still worth reading. The Citywide Mental Health Project has ceased to exist because this writer can’t fight the fight alone. People are, justifiably, afraid of tackling OMH in an organized manner, and I lack the energy to continue pushing against OMH. 

Good luck everybody out there with the mental ‘unhealth’ bureaucratic system.You’re gonna need it!

Written Dec 7,2014



What is The Citywide Mental Health Project?

We strive to stop the culture of abuse that exist in our state’s mental health system, and to break the taboo that surrounds that culture.

The taboo feeds from the fears of retaliation, fears of losing jobs, or losing program’s funds,  or losing access to mental health services if we stand up to denounce the system that provides those funds and services: OMH, OPWDD and the other state agencies that deal with mental health issues and alcoholism.

The culture of abuse has been documented in the many NY Times reports about physical abuses to patients in hospitals and in community residences and programs for people with mental disabilities, and by the experiences we share of neglect and humiliation in the hands of many of the providers.

In the PAGE section below the blog’s name I upload documents the group is using to inform the public about these issues. Read ‘Our Vision’ document  for more information about what the group is doing.  Or email your questions to : citywidementalhealthproject@live.com

Lourdes Cintron
Founder of The Citywide Mental Health Project

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