Baby Hope (Angelica Castillo, R.I.P) and the many faces of evil.

Evil is the UNSPEAKABLE harm  that humans do, KNOWINGLY, JOYFULLY and REMORSELESSLY, to others who are NOT in the position to fight back. That includes harm done  to children and animals, women, the elderly. But also the harm  done to a NATION’S CITIZENS who can’t  IMMEDIATELY fight-back it’s government and big corporations’ immoral policies which destroy lives under cover of law.

There are many people who fit the bill, whether in politics (both democrat and republican parties) or in our regular communities. I give you here only TWO of the many and most disgusting and scary faces of EVIL:

Conrado is the monster who tortured and assassinated a four years old child. Today we know the child’s name was Angelica Castillo.The other face, well, he’s so evil that his citizens call him Darth Vader. His crime: he went PUBLICLY to demand from our Congress a law to give the government (him) the right to use TORTURE as a form of interrogation to extract confessions from ‘enemies of the state’. Of course, we know that EVERYTHING permitted in wars has come to plague the peaceful American civilian life and that, now, dissenting groups and individuals are considered by the State as ‘enemies of the state’. Jose Padilla was the FIRST AMERICAN to experience the government’s right to torture its citizens . The precedent has been set, followed by President Obama’s NDAA, a right to kill a US citizen without habeas corpus.

When the ‘beacon of freedom’ sees torture as something ‘useful’ and moral, as the ‘right thing to do’ to others, the Conrados of the world have triumphed over our hearts.

I think it is our moral duty to be as OUTRAGED about our government’s torture policies as we are about this beast who tortured that child.

They are one and the same expression of evil, in different faces and with different accent.


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