Baby Hope’s Mother Is Interviewed as Investigators Proceed With Caution-NYT

This is a heart breaking 1991 case I remember clearly. I’m glad it may be solved.

This case reminds me that the human capacity for evil will never be diminished.

Evil, and it’s father Hatred, continues to manifest daily, unabated,  in the form of torture of children and animals; the scenario is either the safety of the home, the war battle fields where women, elder and children are raped, hacked and riddled with bullet as ‘collateral damage’ by their own nationals and by  ‘liberating foreign soldiers’ from around the globe, including ours. Just as in medieval times. It’s done by men and women for profit (armaments dealers, pharma, etc.), for political power, and by some men for sheer expression of their  hatred of anything that is not male and powerful: women, children and animals.

Is this related to mental illness or health?  When we do evil, knowingly and in disregard of the victim, whether by orders of ‘superiors’ or by fear and ‘self preservation’, it is a choice. Then, it is simply evil in the heart.

If you want to spare yourself of sadness and tears today, DON’T READ THE ARTICLE.

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