Gov shut down: safe now to talk on the phone and send emails

Jay Leno on government shut down:

Jay Leno asked his audience Who was worried about the government shutdown, then asked how many people were more worried about it starting up again.

“I am glad the government is shut down,” he added. “For the first time in years it’s safe to talk on the phone and send emails without anybody listening in!”

“Oh, you can see the effects of the shutdown all over town, it’s terrible. President Obama now down to just one teleprompter. That’s how so bad it is.

Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry are being forced to use the same botox needle. That’s how bad it is.

It is so bad, John Boehner can’t afford tanning cream any more, he’s just rubbing his face with Cheetos dust. that’s how bad it is.

It is so bad, Harry Reid has been forced to change his own embalming fluid. that’s how bad it is.”

I, on my part, say this: all 800 million furloughed workers should march to Capitol Hill and put the FEAR in the heart of these elected RATS, democrats and republicans and Obama alike. They are all in this scam. None of them has lost a penny. They should be passed through the pitchfork. Seriously.

But of course, the workers will do nothing but cry about the unpaid bills.

The pathetic American working class has what it deserves. Until they get up and EARN their respect, this trash is all they will continue to earn.

Time to tell it as it is, folks.



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