Disturbing news: FBI calls half of populace with 9/11 doubts potential terrorists

This is the latest installment of Big Brother’s “anti-terrorism” orders.  What I find most disturbing in this Digital Journal   article  is that ANY “personal problems” is sufficient to label you as  “terrorist”, or more specifically a “sleeper” cell terrorist, if during your “personal problem” you happen to vent “fury at the West[?] for the  global policies of the US”. Also, “excusing violence against Americans on the grounds that American actions provoked the problem”, in other words, disagreeing with US foreign policies would automatically convert you into  a “sleeper cell”.

Notice that expressing your “fury” against any European nation, the “West”, counts as an act of ‘treason’. That’s the long arm of the globalist elite. You are not allowed to criticize or have dissenting views ANYWHERE, not only in the US or about non-US policies. Your political opinions are restricted now to either shut up or accept as perfect the nation’s  actions to ‘protect the homeland’.

If there where any doubts of the reality that our government distrusts its citizens, that this is a BIG BROTHER state, that dissent is DE FACTO banned, that ALL Americans are considered traitors by the FBI and our politicians, that our Constitution is dead…that article ought to erase any such doubts.

According to the FBI and the Department of Justice [justice for the elite] list of ‘characteristic’ behaviors and beliefs of terrorists, I and all of you who may agree with a few of my  posted opinions, are considered  ‘terrorists’ by our government. You don’t have to do anything ‘wrong’; just express disagreement about our government policies, mild or ‘furiously’,  or even just visit this blog, and you are a “sleeper” cell terrorist.

This is all happening during the Obama administration.

Yeap. America, the land of the free, RIP. Long live the dictatorship.

Section of FBI circular to local police   Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Sl...

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