Obama: “I was elected to end wars.”

I just watched Obama’s press conference at the G20. He said so much…by implying; in other words, not directly.

1. At no point did he say that Syria posses a direct, not even indirect threat to the US. It was all about “protecting the international community”. That’s because Syria doesn’t pose a threat to the US, unless, suddenly, we find ourselves ‘attacked’ here with chemical weapons by some patsy. It’s the ONLY way he can get the people of the US to support his war. So, be wary of any false flags.

2. At no point did he say there was evidence about who did the attack. It was all “we are very sure” Assad did it. As Kerry said, “it’s undeniable”. “Sure” and “undeniable” are arguments with no evidence. They are worthless in a debate and shouldn’t be the excuse a war.

3. He said that the representatives of other nations agreed that “use of chemical weapons is a crime”. No one on this planet would disagree with that. But that doesn’t mean those reps are saying they agree with bombing Syria now.

4. Obama said he doesn’t need the UN to act. This is because he can’t say to the UN that Syria is a threat to the US. He has no excuse for the US to attack Syria, as Bush2 had to attack Iraq.

The US has never asked for permission to do its will around the globe. That’s why it’s an imperialist nation: it is not tied by international rules.

That’s why he just said here that “I was elected to end wars”. Somehow he feels that he is the president of the planet, elected by the world. I have heard tyrants make ego-maniacal excuses for their actions, but this one takes the cake.

The USA has no excuse to attack Syria, especially on its own. Just now he said that this attack is “unpopular” because “it seems distant.” That means that we, the US, are not threatened by Syria. That statement by him, “it seems distant”, is the smoking gun that Syria has nothing to do with us to justify spending trillions in an attack, killing millions of Syrian and a few thousand Americans.

The Noble Peace Medal-ed president is looking for excuses to force peace by waging war on the people of Syria. That peace medal has gone to his head, he thinks now, like De Caprio in Titanic, that he is the king of the world.

Keep the lies coming!


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