The Truth about Syria’s WMD

The (illegal) war against Syria is the continuation of the one against Iraq. They are NOT separate problems. The why’s for this war are many, most of them hidden from you by the powers that be. You can’t fathom the truth of the meetings behind the curtain to plan how to ‘convince’ you that you need to support these greedy bastards in their atrocities. But, take a look at this.

1. You, the unwary civilian, bought the WMD fiction for Iraq. You sacrificed your children and paid the debt that was INCREASED so that the banksters could lend us at usurious rates, and so our military vultures could buy all the goodies from the Grumman et al to SHOCK AND AWE over a million Iraqis. That fiction paid well. But, you can’t use the same lie over and over. You MUST embellish it.

2. It would NOT be enough for Kerry to go to the UN with some vial, like sorry-ars Powell did, of some chemical weapon (CW). Not this time.  The greedy bastards need EVIDENCE, they need the bloody bodies. See them in their rooms, smoking cigars, laughing ’cause they have to give you bloody dead babies to convince you this time again.

3. So, a few days after the ‘evidence’ was ‘produced’, they are running like headless chicken contradicting each other: the evidence IS QUESTIONABLE. It’s not so ‘UNDENIABLE” as Kerry says. He wants you to take his word for granted and for truth, even though he lied to you about Iraq’s WMD.

4. There are questions about the origin of video of the ‘victims’, about who used the so called CW, with more evidence  pointing to the ‘rebels’. Who are the ‘rebels’, anyway?

5. It’s a GENERIC name: “the rebels”, we read in the news. We call them the ‘rebels’ or ‘freedom fighters’ to hide the fact that they are your archenemies: Alqaeda. We are arming and protecting them.

That alone should give you pause before buying this new fiction.

This war is about the international banking cartel wanting to own Assad and forcing us to get loans that we will have to pay for eternity,  about forcing Syria and all the planet o use the US dollars, it’s about oil.  This is a PERFECT STORM of political intrigue. You depend on others to know when the storm is coming. You don’t care how it is formed, just want to be protected from it. You won’t be.

Poor unwary citizens. They are thrown here and there by the storm and then pay for it to the greedy bastards.



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