Bradley Manning and Prison Strike: The connection.















Today is the day when the US government, run by that peddler of ‘hope’ for big corporations, president BO, will send a message to YOU.

I’s NOT about that Hero of humanity,Bradley Manning.

It’s about YOU staying in your place, that big prison called ‘the US society’.

It’s NOT about ‘treason’ to the USA.

It’s about YOU daring to endanger the Goose that lays the golden egg of war profits to Exxon and Halliburton and Wall Street and other war mongering vultures who selected BO to serve them. They fed YOU the Kool Aid (propaganda), you swallowed it by the gallons, and now you are starting to throw it up. Too late. The empty suit is about to leave his job unscathed. Just like the previous empty suit who went on to write books and open a ‘library’, aka know as a ‘cellar’.

Our Hero did his part with the courage, bravery and selflessness typical of those few souls that on-and-off appear in history to show us the path, to shout to us with their SACRIFICE  ‘don’t surrender to injustice, get up, GET UP and fight.’

So, what are we gonna do? Allow BO to send him to one of these chambers of torture called ‘prisons for civilians’ or military prison?

This is the connection:

For years many people have been denouncing the appalling conditions in prisons: That prisons are big psych ‘hospitals’ where we put the mentally ill to continue experimenting on them. That prisons are rat labs for the military and the ‘psych’ industry where they practice and test torture techniques and ‘psych meds’. Prisons are where we send our political dissidents to be tortured.

The problem is: those political dissidents you support go to the same place as those you don’t support. You can’t have it both ways.

That’s were our Hero Bradley Manning is going to be sent to by that so-called president who every Tuesday sits comfy and soils that presidential chair, used by JFK, to pour over the ‘kill list’.

Can you picture him, sitting there in the Oval office, going over the list of names given to him by the NSA and the CIA and other shadow federal agencies, putting a check mark on the names of those people he decides must be assassinated with drones, no habeas corpus, no questions asked to the ‘commander in chief’, because he declared them, by the omniscient power of the presidency, that they are ‘terrorists’? Our Heroes, Bradley Manning, Assange and, now, Snowden have been in that list for a quite a while.

Freaky Tuesday

BO is the master of double speak: he said he was going to ‘protect’ whistle blowers, but, typically, he did the opposite with the “Whistle Blower Protection Act”. It’s like the NDAA Act, you know, for your protection he needs to strip you of your right to dissent.

If not for those humans we know are been torture daily in our prisons, then for our Hero, Bradly Manning, do something to stop the torture in prisons.

Go to Hunger Strike Solidarity and see how can you help.

Thanks to the people who have been demonstrating publicly in defense of our Hero Bradley Manning.

I will be seeing you soon after the ‘verdict’.


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