Paralyzed man sues Delta Airlines claiming he was forced to crawl from plane while wearing his ‘best suit’

Leave it to the tabloids to pull a smile on your face while giving you news that churn your stomach. That Mail Online UK headline makes  the humiliation of the man  in that report (in the US) a bit deeper by making him an object of ridicule by  highlighting that the abuse happened while he was “wearing his best suit”. The implication being that MAYBE he would have let it go where it not for that little fact.

But ‘humor’ aside, the point in this article, which is left for the reader to find, is that the people who run corporations and the people who WORK for them have lost any semblance of humanity and COMMON SENSE.

Disabled people crawling up the Capitol (ADAPT’s long climb towards equality)

I don’t recall reading on any of the research I do online about how US citizens dealt with the 1930s depression, headline news so grotesque as the ones we read almost daily in the new millennium. Sure, the abuses happened mostly INSIDE the psychiatric hospitals. But, somehow, the disabled citizens were ready to travel (by not traveling) if the corporations didn’t have facilities for them. You simply expected no rights and no help, so you got ready.

Now, with ALL the ‘progress’ the disability movement has achieved, the abuses have a more grotesque manifestation due to the fact that there is NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER for this to happen. I mean, I could understand if the workers were from Mars, not aware of disability rights and lawsuits. But…it’s the MINDLESSNESS! They could have even CARRY the poor man to the place, get some of those big security guys paid to make the travelers life impossible. But NOOOOO.

Their intention is to send you a message through their callous behavior : customers, WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.

So, wait until THEY go on strike and beg for the customers’ support. Then you tell them: ‘why don’t you crawl back to that same corporate CEO’s a…s hole you came from?’

You see, these news do get into you. Sorry about that outburst.


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