False memory planted in mouse’s brain

Just when you thought the people had triumphed over electro-shock ‘therapy’ and made it a thing of the past, this ‘news‘ jumps to your lap. Sure, shock therapy is still in use, but it is more controlled, or at least it is supposed to be. But, ‘implanting false memory’?????

This article ought to instill FEAR in all of us. It has EVERYTHING to do with people with mental illness and ‘normal’ people. This is a tool for more tyranny. I’m sure you can imagine the potential evil uses of this ‘technology’.

The purpose of this…experiment is to control humans;  the evil scientists say so in the article.  This is our future, people.

You can’t have ‘scientists’ tinkering with your brain and claim is ‘for your good and protection’. Haven’t we learned the lesson already? Psychiatric abuses? Pharma sucking our life for their profits?

I can imagine the  NY State Office of Mental Health  ‘enacting’ this thing: ‘well, we can have the orderlies or IT workers implant some ‘memory’ on our patients; it will save time and money’. That’s right. Read how OMH has IT workers reporting  patients to the FBI’s ‘gun list’.

Those who always mocked the so-called ‘conspiracy theorists, what do you have to say now? Plus, why are we still torturing and testing on animals?

There is NO WAY anyone can claim that a particular ‘chemical’ or neuron constitute a PARTICULAR memory…for example, memory of a car. This is about torture, pain and fear of pain. These evil scientists are just playing to be God.

“False memory” does not exist in nature, it is a  HUMAN CONCEPT, like ‘moral’ or ‘immoral’. These things are not concrete, there are not even VISUAL codes for it. Can you see in your mind’s eye ‘moral’? What shape or color is it?

“False memory” is the result of a TRAUMATIC event, like rape or torture, or witnessing a horrific crime. It’s all mediated by human action.

Let people live in peace and you will NOT encounter ‘false memory’. “False memory” is false. You can’t tell another human being that his or her experience is false or real.

This is a huge topic, isn’t it?


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