In Wake of Zimmerman Verdict, Obama Makes Extensive Statement on Race in America

Honestly, what I heard was “Sorry folks, there will be no DOJ charges. And I will not tolerate violent protests, even if the “context” is the lack of justice for AA folks, or if you get provoked into violence”.

Of course, he waits until his way out of the presidency to come with this half arse “solutions”.

Did he VALIDATE the AA angs? Yes.

Did he named the R word? No.  He left it to “perceptions” within a CONTEXT. “Perceptions” are not necessarily the ‘reality’.  He didn’t make a STATEMENT on racism. He just made AN ANNOUNCEMENT.

I give him a D for effort in this hidden message of ‘get used to it, no DOJ case’. I hope I’m wrong.

I never saw anyone so PAINED and STAMMERING to explain that ‘he’ is BLACK.

Did you hear the word ‘Black’? How many times did he say AA? I don’t recall.

How can he live with himself? He can’t even get himself to say “I am an AA”.

In ‘his’ book he stated that he DOESN’T RELATE to the AA experience in the USA because he was not here at the time of the Civil Rights movement, I’m paraphrasing but his statement is basically that one literally.

That statement explains why he has always treated the AA with, yes, with contempt.

My feelings.




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