George Zimmerman: the prosecution on his side.

My first reactions to the verdict:

This case was more painful to watch only because we were subjected to the COLOSSAL INEPTITUDE of the prosecution. But there is a reason for their failure: Ms. Cory. She directed this case. She didn’t think Zimmerman was guilty. Her position showed in how she directed the prosecutors to ignore the MOUNTAIN of evidence in front of them. Then, she came at the end with a smile and CELEBRATORY attitude of self congratulation. That woman should be given a sex change. She doesn’t belong in the ‘women’ side.

After the verdict she said that the case was NOT about race but that the Zimm engaged in ‘profiling’. Hello! you btch. But Guy said to the jury that the case was NOT about race! I can’t blame the jury. Really. The prosecution INTENTIONALLY dropped the ball and, with their ambivalence, led the jury to that outcome.

To the minority in this nation: you can’t count on the criminal justice system. You need to rain on the HUMANS that run that system. The system is good: it’s those who apply the rules who need to be rained on.

Beginning of the end: It is at THIS point when this prosecutor lost his confidence. As he brought in the dummy, the witness – law enforcer Mr. Root – actually LAUGHED when he saw the dummy. Guy heard him, and the psychological impact followed.

Mr. Root simply SHREDDED Guy during the ‘dummy’ dummy debacle. Guy stuttered, actually AGREED with the witness by actually saying ‘yes’ to what the witness was saying. He was INCOHERENT and confusing. That witness was simply IMPENETRABLE to the prosecution. That doesn’t mean he was good, only that he knew how to immobilize the prosecutor’s mind by appealing to ambiguity: it can be like that but also like this. Guy was so TOTALLY floored by the witness’ skills that he, literally, couldn’t GET UP FROM THE FLOOR.

Guy stayed in that position for OVER 5 minutes. He actually got ON HIS BACK and stayed there while the witness was destroying him for another two or five minutes. And O’Mara came to watch him ON THE FLOOR. You could see the bubble over O’Mara’s head thinking ‘what a jerk, get up!’. Guy was simply PATHETIC. From there on, you could see in their behavior and demeanor how the prosecutors were totally DEMORALIZED by their incompetence, and how they were INTIMIDATED by O’Mara.

ARMED TO THE TEETH: The defense came with every conceivable visual aid to bring their point home. They did their homework. They were CALM and coherent. They were in control ALL the time with their sophistry.See the photos below.

A master of manipulation of visual clues.

Guilty for the crime of being a ‘hunk’. The prosecutors simply ignored this photo and what it meant for the defense and the jury. The ONE element the prosecutors showed they were NOT good at was AT PSYCHOLOGY. What were they thinking?!

The piece of concrete the defense used to bash the prosecutors over the head. O’Mara should be sent to prison for violence on the person of the prosecutors.


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