Yo acuso recibo by Magdalena Helguero Falcón

This book was written (in Spanish) by a good friend of mine who happens to live with a mental disability. Maya, as those who know her lovingly call her, is Chilean and in her book she recounts the tortured (literally) story of her days fighting the Pinochet dictatorship after the US-lead coup d’etat to Salvador Allende. Magdalena lived in NYC until a few years ago when she decided to move back to her beloved nation to write her memoirs.

I must add that her ‘mental disability’ is, in my view, a direct result of the torture of which she was victim during those days. She struggles every day, not only with the illness, but with the memory of those events.

I invite the Spanish readers to buy a copy of her well-written memories. It’s impactfull and touching. She’s working on a translation.

By from Editorial Forja. If you have any questions about how to get the book, leave a message.


2 responses to “Yo acuso recibo by Magdalena Helguero Falcón

  1. Hello,
    Can you please advise if there is an English translation of this book?

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