Quilapayún’s answer to GOP’s foodstamps debacle: “let the wealthy eat shit”

More nueva trova of the 1960s. This one is particularly relevant to today’s news about the plans to eliminate food stamps for the poor. Translation (the best I could do):

The grass in the paths/ the travelers tread over/2x

and the working woman is tread over by four scoundrels of the kind that have money.


Is it the tomato’s fault/if it is peacefully in its vine/2x

and four sons of a bitch come and put it in a can and send it to Caracas?


The misters who own the mine/bought themselves a weight scale/2x

to weight the money that every week they steal from the poor worker.


When will god in heaven allow/the omelet to be flipped over/2x

flip over the omelet so that the poor can eat bread and the wealthy eat shit.


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