On the Boston-Bomber madness.

It feels safe to post a comment now.

Until that young man was captured, it seemed as if the USA and the people of Boston in particular were in a COLLECTIVE state of terror over capturing ONE supposedly armed adolescent man. It seemed as if all sense of proportion was thrown out the window in the name of ‘safety”.

It is not safe to express differing opinions when people are in panic. Hopefully I can express them now. These are my personal opinions.

When the state puts it citizens in a collective mental state of fear, all REASONABLE alternatives are thrown out of the window and brute show of force is justified as the only alternative to dangerous situations. Example:

1. There was NO NEED to declare a NO-FLY ZONE over Boston. All it achieved was creating an unnecessary collective state of FEAR. No-fly zones are for nations at war, it shouldn’t be used for locking up civilians in their states. No one declared a war here. There were no planes used as bomb,  only a pressure cooker was used to cause harm. We need to get a grip next time or soon we will escalate our ‘protection’ measures to using  DRONES to drop bombs to capture some war terrorist. We’ll consent and get used to that too.

When ‘hoodlooms’ go on a shooting spree, the state does not declare a no-fly zone. Why here?

2. There was no need to declare a ‘state of siege’, better know as a ‘lock up’. Personally, I felt more horrified of seeing the police state, a ‘martial law’ in all its regalia, than afraid of the fugitive.

Boston looked more like our image of Cuba, or even as Iraq with the military going door by door yelling at people to stay inside. What would the military have done to a civilian who refused to get inside? After all, martial law was not declared. Think about it.


At the end, as to show to you that all that SHOW OF POWER was unnecessary, the fugitive was eye-balled by a citizen released  from house arrest…er…from the lock up. Had he not been at home hiding from the adolescent, he would have probably ID the fugitive earlier and prevent all the WASTE OF MONEY the state and the FEDS engaged in to show to you that the military and police state are needed to save you from rudimentary bombs.

And even AFTER the citizen was SOOO CLOSE to the fugitive, saw that the kid was bleeding and EVIDENTLY couldn’t move  (for otherwise the kid would have FLED), and that he was not attacked or blown away by a bomb, the police state couldn’t control itself to capture the kid without a show of OVER POWERING force.

The big armed military didn’t DARE to get as close as that CITIZEN did to the adolescent. The fugitive didn’t ATTACK the citizen, why all that show of force? I doubt they will be able to extract any information from the ‘bomber’ in the condition in which they left him after shooting him at the boat.

Yesterday we saw Boston falling into a totalitarian state with the consent of a collectively terrorized citizenry, all over ONE young man. And the people didn’t see it. They were too busy being afraid. No time to question all that information we were given about who these guys were or why the need to militarize our nation to get them.

The Russians had announced, supposedly, to the FBI that these young men were ‘dangerous’. In the USA we prefer to not heed these warnings, we prefer the drama of chasing them after the damage has been done. Hey, there are MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars to be made by subjecting you to a collective state of fear.

Whoever set that bomb in Boston needs to be brought to justice. And the chase to capture the fugitives was necessary to prevent them from blowing up other targets.

Blowing up the Constitution and militarizing Boston to capture these guys, that was NOT necessary.


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