On Failed gun-control laws and ‘ROBBANRA’: it could have been worse.

Look people, you should appreciate and thank our sold-out ‘law makers’ for NOT passing the law.

First, it should be clear by now that the description ‘law makers‘ applied to our Congress is an anachronism. Keep up with the times, people! Congress should be known as ‘ROBBANRA‘, the Congressional ROBBANRA. Yeap, that’s more like it.

And…what was that? What is ROBBANRA?. Oh, I forgot to ‘splain’. It means the ‘Rubber-stampers of bankers, billionaires and the NRA’.

As I was saying, be thankful. Congress could had, after all, PASSED a  bill more appropriately named THE BILL OF LIES ABOUT GUN-CONTROL. Like our NY State Gun Control Law.

It would have been filled, like ours, with, not only loopholes, but with concessions and fictional ‘mandates’. And with provisions to control YOU, mental health consumers, or even users of the banking industry instead of the gun industry because, as we know, many bills passed by ROBBANRA (and many states also) are an opportunity to slide-in controls on issues un-related to the bill been discussed.

Like ours here in NY, where the gun bill was used to amend the Assisted Out Patient Treatment (AOT) law, extending the time a person can be held involuntarily and giving psychiatrists and RN nurses (for they now can commit people without approval of a psychiatrist) the power to guess when a person will flip and then commit him or her. AOT was not part of the gun-control discussion.

But that was not the only misrepresentation of the bill.


Our Congress could have passed a law with all the goodies for the NRA and then tell you that YOU WON. Like in NY State, because one thing is what they TELL you, another is what the new law says.

In NY State,  people were told that the new gun law mandates gun sellers to do background checks before selling guns. A LIE.

The bill’s Art 39, Section 898, sub 2  it clearly says that doing a criminal background check  is a CHOICE, not a mandate for the seller :

2. Before any sale, exchange or disposal pursuant to this article, a national instant criminal background check must be completed by a dealer WHO CONSENTS TO CONDUCT SUCH A CHECK, (caps by me)

I couldn’t find other ways to highlight that qualifier. That’s the masterful art of writing laws: use ‘must’ to give the impression that a mandate was stated, but then add the loophole ‘consent’ which is actually the only thing that matters in that line. ‘If you CONSENT to do it, you MUST do it right’ or else don’t do it.

I have to laugh.

You see. By Congress not passing the gun control bill, you were spared lies, fictional mandates and loopholes…but then, you would have go on living happily thinking that something positive was done.

Oh, well. Don’t worry, our Congressional ROBBANRA will give you more peace of mind with bills like the Homeland Security Law.

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