Women alert: HRT trials and common sense doesn’t mix.

Study upholds breast cancer mortality for hormone replacement – The Washington Post.

Hormone-therapy is produced by men, uhm, ‘pharma men’. Is one of those things determined by sex, apparently. Of course these pharma-men are going to say that  hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is good for you despite all the reports of women dying from it.

HUNDREDS of thousands of desperate women have participated in clinical trials ( not only the 100k reported in the article) designed  to corroborate whether HRT truly causes breast cancer. The answer is always YES, whether more or less ‘aggressive’ or whether you die or not from it, the answer seems to invariably be yes.

Clinical trials ought to be placed in the list of cancer-producing behavior, like smoking cigarettes.

I’m waiting for our own  NYC mayor Bloomberg to stand up against clinical trials, you know, to infringe on our freedom for our own good.

Nah. He has no breasts.

A falla  representing the PIP breast implant scandal

A falla representing the PIP breast implant scandal. Pic from Fallas Festival in Valencia, Spain. It’s worth the visit to that blog.


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