Judge Limits N.Y.P.D. Stop-and-Frisk Program in Bronx – NYTimes

This is a victory for the people over what I consider a quasi-police-state. I’m been cautious, of course, with that label.

The case had to do with NYPD stop-and-frisk tactics in da Bronx. While the case related to some buildings where the managers had given permission to the cops to stop “on the spot” and arrest “intruders” in those building, the mindful and fair judge recognized the tactic as one that affects the residents of the whole borough. She stated that residents of other boroughs (Manhattan?) would never accept the indignities that these tactics perpetrate in residents in their buildings. People visiting a person in those buildings in the Bronx are routinely arrested as ‘trespassers’.

“Because any member of the public could conceivably find herself outside a TAP building in the Bronx, the public at large has a liberty and dignity interest in bringing an end to the practice of unconstitutional stops at issue in this case,” the judge wrote.

Thus, the judge ruled for the tenants of the building and the Bronx in general. Major, MAJOR ruling.  As a result, the NYPD has to change a ton of ‘practices’.

This  is the part of the ruling that I liked the most:

But Judge Scheindlin found “that the public interest in liberty and dignity under the Fourth Amendment trumps whatever modicum of added safety might theoretically be gained from the N.Y.P.D.’s making unconstitutional trespass stops outside TAP buildings in the Bronx.”

“modicum of added safety”, that’s right: MODICUM, as in ‘not worth the indignities and the loss of freedom so that the cops can run you down for your own protection’.

There’s a PDF with the whole case, all 157 pages.

Judge Limits N.Y.P.D. Stop-and-Frisk Program in Bronx – NYTimes.com.

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