I told you so.

I said in my previous post that this case of the Colorado shooting was going to show how the mental health system ignored this guy’s calls for help.

In Yahoo news it was reported today  that he sent his psychiatrist a description of his plans for the massacre. That means that he must have discussed this with him, must have given some signs of his emotional distress. If a psychiatrist could not notice this type of emotional disturbance, then what good are they? Typical of a mental health system teaming with stereotypes, ignorance and indifference to the calls for help of people in emotional distress, this guy probably went without attention. Yes, stereotypes about how the mentally ill looks like in the mental health system.

A psychiatrist stated publicly that this guy in court either had schizophrenia or was “faking” it. There’s your knowledge about mental illness. According to this ‘doctor’ most mentally ill fake their illness. Otherwise, why would this doctor make such a comment unless he has that prejudice? He just showed his ignorance.

This killer  is not a ‘lone wolf’, he is another victim, together with those he killed, of a mental health system that functions only in the interest of the big pharma. There is no such thing as a distressed person who can hide it all the time.  Distress always shows up. Suicidal ideations always show up. Our ignorance coupled to lack of resources make us indifferent to the pain of people in emotional distress. That’s what kills. Prejudice and stereotypes kill because, for example, relatives may feel ashamed of their kins’ illness and try to chalk it off to “moods” or “attitudes”.

I’m not proposing involuntary commitment. I’m pointing out that, as many of us know, if you HEAR the person and do meaningful intervention early, you may stop them from going off board. Maybe not cure them, but prevent tragedies.

The days when social work was a profession of ‘the heart’, a calling, so to speak, are gone. Now all is ‘evidence based’, meaning that if it cuts on profits then it should go.

You’ll see more about this as the case develops.


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