Colorado shootings and ‘normal’ reactions

Wow. I don’t know what scares me more: the shooter or the ‘normal’ reactions to cases like this.

The NYPD and the rest of the first world seems to be in panic. In Paris too there has been ‘beefing up’ of ‘security’ to protect Dark Night’s attendees. In other words, we have militarized our urban cities as a reaction to this unfortunate incident. That seems normal now-a-days. Our governments respond with super guns to one individual gone out of control. More excuses for more TSA, surveillance cameras, militarization of our police…

Have you read the comments online about this situation? Scary! People calling to hold the “crazies” under “control”. More ‘normal’ reactions to this.

Who is really out of control? Could it be that we are ALL out of control but we have accepted the militarized state as ‘normal’ and, consequently, don’t notice it?

Blame now the “crazies”. Our society will never assume the consequences of its failed human system. How our politics and economy affects people’s mental health to the point of driving some out of control will never be taken into consideration. We will make the “lone shooter” the lone responsible for the consequences of what we all fail to do: invest in humanity, not in wars and greed.

This guy is not an abstraction of society. What he did is framed within the troubled times we are experiencing with unnerving detachment. He is not a “lone shooter”.

Just wait and see the background of this tragedy unfold in a few days. I bet there were signs of distress ignored by our professional mental health system.

Only the individual carries the blames in this society.


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