Re: NYS Law 7400 creating the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs#4

30 (d) all records of the proceedings, the deliberations of the justice center medical review board and any testimony given before the board shall not be subject to disclosure under article thirty-one of the civil practice law and rules.

 43 s 556. functions, powers and duties of the board. (a) make a preliminary determination whether the death of a patient or 47 resident in a residential facility within the meaning of subdivision 48 four of section four hundred eighty-eight of the social services law, 49 which has been brought to its attention is unusual or whether such death 50 reasonably appears to have resulted from other than natural causes and51 warrants investigation;

The first quote from the new law tells you that the deliberations of the medical review board are closed to you just like an Inquisition, they are SECRET. The second quote tells you that you have no right to see on what basis their determinations about a death of a person under a provider’s care doesn’t warrant investigation. Well, it doesn’t say so, you just have to put the first quote together with the second to arrive to that logical conclusion. If the deliberations of the board are secret, “not subject to disclosure”, and they decide that a death doesn’t warrant investigation but you think it does, you can’t challenge their determination because you don’t know what it’s based on. Maybe you can challenge but it will be blindly because you don’t know which facts to challenge. And since you have no right to sue because there’s no cause of action allowed nor sue for damages, you are basically out of luck (assuming you are the living person).

So, what is this law achieving in terms of your rights to determine whether a loved one died due to negligence of the provider? Nothing. It only PROTECTS THE PERPETRATORS.

As I continue reading, I will make any corrections on my interpretations based on other facts I find in the many pages.

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