Re: NYS Law 7400 creating the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs#3

s 553. powers and duties of the justice center. the justice center shall have the following powers and duties:
(d) consistent with appropriate collective bargaining agreements,
conducting all hearings and other proceedings relating to discipline of employees found to have committed abuse or neglect (for state entities bound by collective bargaining, the disciplinary process established through collective bargaining shall govern);

What this is saying is that, despite all of those hundreds of pages of new law to supposedly prosecute abusive workers, the unions determine how to deal with the perpetrator. It says so clearly: “IT SHALL GOVERN”, collective bargaining rules!

Now, if I were a unionized worker, I would want that in there. Honestly speaking, that’s their right, to protect each other, to have that union protect them. The government is not going to protect them, that’s why workers pay the union, for protection. I have no problem with that.

My problem is that NO ONE WAS REPRESENTING US CONSUMERS, the ones for whom this bureaucracy was being enacted, there. This was all done between politicians and the unions.

That’s why I keep insisting in that the ONLY mechanism mental health consumers have to protect themselves are the CONSUMER ADVISORY BOARDS in each program, if they can make it work for them. That’s what the Citywide Mental Health Project is trying to do: train ourselves to use the CABs for what it was meant to be.

Our power is in our number. The good intentioned lawyers who have represented us in court can’t protect us. We lost almost every case in court for the protection of people been abused, lost in appeals.

Maybe we need our own ‘union’.

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