Re: Gambling Group Gave $2 Million to a Cuomo Ally

I posted this comment in the NYT’s comments section.

June 4, 2012

I have commented about this before. It’s definitely appalling that our leaders are willing to accept money from this gambling industry that only chains our people to more addiction. This Gentry has spent almost a billion dollars in lobbying our leaders. How can we, the people, possible have a chance at monitoring these casinos when evidently the industry owns the whole casino system, including monitoring and oversight? We don’t need to give our land for peanuts to this industry. Nor enslave our people for the sake of a measly supposedly 10K jobs, must of which will be filled with non-New Yorkers.

My only hope is that New Yorkers will see through the veil of corruption and lies and vote against this so-called Constitutional amendment.


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